Fight Gone Bad

I can’t recall the last time I was so excited to “return to normal”… 

After days and days of snow, extreme cold, and general winterness….. working from home, not daring to drive on the streets, and not going anywhere… it seems we have finally broken the rut.

I was only in the office (aka: leaving the house) on Wednesday and Friday. So it hasn’t made more many exciting blog posts. But I sure have taken a lot of puppy pictures and video over the last week!


IMG 5647

Big snow came on Sunday, more snow came Thursday.  This was our street on Friday morning (it was an icy, mushy mess)

IMG 5660


The past several days I have been also battling some pretty bad headaches, general lethargy, and this morning some major irritable stomach stuff. So, my hope is that this coming week brings a sense of normalcy and I feel better.

Today was a good start on the road to improvement. In my first ever FIGHT GONE BAD. (That’s the name of the WOD that we did).

Fight Gone Bad (FGB) is a key crossfit workout. Many of the WODs are designed with a set number of reps; so athletes can get better, faster, stronger to make them easier. FGB is a set time limit (going for max number of reps). So as you get stronger, faster, better… FGB just gets harder! :0) << I can’t take credit for this theory, since I’ve only done it once. That is definitely Gregg’s line!


3 Rounds, 1 min at Each with a 1 min rest between rounds  = 17 minutes

Here’s a link to the CrossFit main site with the Rx weights. Listed below is how I did today.

WallBalls @ 10#, 10′ target

SDHP @ 45#

Box Step Ups @ 16″ (knee!)

Push Press @ 45#

Row (for calories)

First heat I kept score for my friend Stacy. It’s true what they say… you should ALWAYS volunteer to go first at CrossFit. Watching the suffering only makes you more nervous once it’s your turn!

It was finally my turn and thank goodness for Stacy keeping score for me. 

Round 1 – I thought “WOW, that could almost be a WOD by itself, i’m tired”  (100 reps)

Round 2 – I thought “I need to stop now.”  “No, you need to beat your Round 1 reps b/c Round 3 is really going to suck” (86 reps)

Round 3 – I had no thoughts… I Just. Kept. Moving. (83 reps)

After the end of Round 3 I flopped off the rower (so the next heat behind me could get on) and I took a full minute to recover enough to sit up. I realize as I type this, it sounds like a truly awful experience. But I loved it! 

So, my first Fight Gone Bad… total reps of 269. (Note, the drastic drop of in some reps between rounds. but that last row… I knew I was in the home stretch and gave it EVERYTHING I HAD.)

IMG 5668


The first 13 seconds of this video make me so happy. It was taken Sunday night. Bella bounding in the snow. They had so much fun.




Gator – Hero WOD Revisited

Today is a Super Snow Day.

IMG 5616


St. Louis has been buried in nearly a foot of snow over the past 20 hours. And now, 30-45mph winds are coming which will drop our “feels like” temperature to -700 degrees (or something ridiculously cold). Gregg has been working but I’ve been able to stay home with the pups. 

IMG 5614


It’s been a very low key day for me. Cooking, Reading, Napping, Working. 

I realize now, at 10pm, that I could have used this time to do some cleaning (finish some of those projects I started while on break). But I didn’t. Oops.

Tomorrow I’ll be working from home…and I can already feel my cabin fever setting in.


So let’s talk about something more fun… yesterday’s CrossFit WOD!

I had the opportunity to revisit a hero WOD. So, it’s rather fitting that my first official hero WOD was also the first Hero WOD that I repeated! Let’s see how far I’ve come in one year.

The first time I did “Gator” was on January 12, 2012. 

 Knowing that my squats are not “there” yet, I scaled the weight back. I practically did the same weight as last year. I’m not sure I could have done much heavier… not yet.

The Ring Push-Ups are the Money Maker in this WOD. And They. Will. Ruin. You.

This time, our coach advised on appropriate scales. We could use bands to ease the work load and he also suggested that while the guys should do all 26 pushups, the girls could scale to 13. Then he proceeded to say “unless you’re Kristin and you are a Ring Master…She might want to think about doing 26

Awwww, no…

During the warm up my push ups (on the rings with no bands) were feeling strong. So I picked up that gauntlet he threw down and said “let’s do this”



IMG 5608

Round 1: Using Red Band for support… did 26 push ups. It hurt so good.

Round 2: Using Red Band… did 10 push ups. And it started to get into my head that others were going so much faster than me (most of the class was women). I did three more push ups with the red band and headed back to squats.

Round 3: Using Red Band… knocked out 8 push ups. Stood up and snagged the purple band. Banged out 5 more to finish the round

Round 4: [uh-oh… i forgot to move my counter the first three rounds, goodness i hope this is really number 4].  13 pushups using both red & purple

Rounds 5-8: 13 pushups each. using both red & purple. [many of these rounds were ‘broken’ but i never got down to doing 1 at a time]

For **every single round** I stayed on my toes. Not once did I drop to my knees or “worm” my way up. Jesse (coach) would yell in my ear to keep form… even working the external rotation at the top of the press.  Click on the picture below to watch a great video of Carl & Kelly talking about this ..

Screen Shot 2014 01 05 at 10 03 52 PM

Finishing in 13:50… I feared I may have sandbagged. Looking back, I know the squat weight was good…but I should have done somewhere in between 13-26 pushups. 

It’s hard to really compare Saturdays’ performance to one from a year ago…but the fact that I stayed ON the rings is testament to my improvement. Nearly 5 minutes faster is negligible considering I only did 117 push ups (vs Rx of 206).


It’s exciting to see how far I have come!









Giving of Thanks

In years past I’ve seen several friends post daily statements about things for which they are thankful… each day for the entire month of November. I thought I would join in the “Be Thankful Challenge”.  If you would like to join me, each day think of what you are thankful for… jot it down (in your journal, twitter, Facebook, blog, or an email to a friend… it doesn’t matter!)

Day 1 – I am thankful for birthday surprises.

IMG 5210

Allow me to explain. Friday was a long day in the office…actually, it was just a long week. It was full five days back after a fabulous vacation. By the end of the week I was completely drained.


The week itself was rather eventful with my birthday, tour of a veterans residence home, dentist appointment, hair appointment, three visits to CF314, and halloween! Friday night was a rather easy night, it was my third visit to CF314. 

I was there for almost two hours. I continued working on my muscle ups… moving to the rings to see if it feels any easier. I certainly kip better on the rings, but the (in)stability that I may encounter at the top of the rings has me nervous. Afterwards, I had a two part WOD. 

(Hand maintenance is critical!!!)

IMG 5213

#1 WOD – While the 6pm class was doing the prescribed CrossFit Endurance WOD (aka: RUNNING!) I did the same PT-style workout that I did on Wednesday. Only this time I didn’t go back in reverse order (it was just 2 rounds straight through) and I shaved 2 minutes off of the time.

#2 WOD – I joined the 6pm class for some flutter kicks, deadlifts (I subbed ring rows) and hollow rocks. My core & legs are quivering!

IMG 5219 IMG 5218

Once I got home, I saw a package on the doorstep!! Even though my birthday was Monday… seeing a birthday present on Friday was exciting! I know it’s from Lululemon (from the packaging) but I still haven’t opened it.  I’m waiting to FaceTime with my mom 🙂

IMG 5212

I always know when the delivery man knocks on the front door…. the door mat & vent cover are not where they belong and in two completely different directions. My guard dogs do their job!

IMG 5216

High Heels and Cheesy Puppy Grins

Something has clicked …. not in a “uh-oh what just happened in there”, but in a good way…. for my knee today. 

Today was the first day, post ACL injury and reconstruction that I was able to wear real heels into the office. I feel so much more polished and pulled together wearing high heels. Actually, they don’t even have to be ‘high’…but just not flats.

Don’t get me wrong… I’ve got some super cute flats. But most of my dress slacks are too long and it just looks sloppy when I’m wearing flats.

IMG 4739 

Also, Tonight I got to participate in most of the WOD at my box! I couldn’t do any of the strength work (heavy squats) so I rowed during that portion.

The WOD was 10 Round for Time (RFT): 7 pull-ups; 10 Hollow Rocks. I used the blue band for my pull ups. 

– For the pull ups, I probably could have used a lighter band if I hadn’t just done some big ‘pulling’ exercises yesterday. Also, during the WOD I was practically doing Chest to Bar. The trainer even called me out on it. But then he also said it was better to do that than to cheat the movement.

– For the hollow rocks, I can really feel my core being stronger. I had solid form for all 100 rocks and although I felt a little sore during the WOD, I’m feeling like I could do more now.

– The thing that did me in tonight…. Grip Strength, Calluses, and Blisters. Oh my. 

 IMG 4740

Getting home around 7:30… the pups are running in the backyard, some tunes rolling through the crisp evening air, and a hint of someone BBQ’ing. It was Gregg! I snuck up on Tucker and got the most happiest of grins from him.  Then dined on some bbq brats, sweet taters, and broccoli. yum. 

Walking through the front door to my house, I am recharged. My heart is happy. My soul is fed. 

IMG 4733

PS – remember my walking goal for last week?  5,000 steps per day?  Well, I just about made it!! I fell short on Thursday (working & shopping at Nordstrom Rack didn’t get me many steps) and Saturday (bad knee day). The other days that fall below the bar were days I also went to CrossFit. I don’t think my little FitBit knows how to measure all that!  I’ll try to keep it up this week!


IMG 4737

Two WODs this week

This week was a super busy work week (already logged about 50 hours), I had a strenuous PT session, and I still found time to hit up the box two times this week!

Both wods were long-ish (by Crossfit standards) and I’m feeling pretty good. My energy/endurance is slowly coming back.

Monday WOD two-10minute workouts.
2,000m row 10:28.5
5 rounds ~10 mins
10 seated wall balls @10#
10 push-ups
5 rope pulls

Thursday WOD took just under 20 minutes.
5 rounds:
8 HSPU (feet on box)
400m row sprint
2 min rest

Back in the Box

It’s been almost seven weeks since I’ve worked out. Although I’ve been back to the gym on Sundays and did a little rowing, push-up, sit-up action…. I was on my own with no time constraint.

Tonight I decided it was time to hit up the 5pm class at CrossFit 314.

The WOD:
100 pull ups for time
*30 DU every time your hands leave the bar

Obviously there was no jumping rope for me tonight so I decided to do sit ups instead. I also decided I would work for 10:00 mins and call it. No matter how many I had.

So, I grabbed the red + purple bands to scale… Chalked up my hands and got ready to rock and roll.


Bang out 10 pull-ups easy. Decide to break for sit ups. Another 10 pull ups… Still pretty easy. Break for sit ups. The next round I had to stop at 5, hang for a minute, then eek out one more. Uh-oh.

I ended up breaking 5 after that.

In 10mins I got 59 pull ups and 70 sit-ups.

I was a bit disappointed with my performance but decided to cut myself some slack considering I’ve been out of the box since late June.

Cash out was max consecutive push-up. I got 15. Failed on 16. Strict push-ups. The last 5 on one leg bc my knee was aching.

In between all this I rowed here and there (probably four sets of 400m).

I’ll be sore tomorrow. But it will be a great feeling!

Oh and as for my hands…. It took about one month to loose all my calluses. And one night to get a new tear. Boom.


Practice, Practice, Practice

As I mentioned before, I was at a retreat (of sorts) this past week. It was a class on developing my leadership abilities. My company puts great value in developing it’s leaders, and as such they flew in 36 of us from around the company to have quiet reflective time and develop our own leadership skills. 

It was a fantastic week. I met so many interesting people and learned so many valuable (life) lessons. 

They asked all participants to stay on the campus… it was like an all inclusive resort. At first, I had a negative attitude about it. But being there, I quickly saw the value.

I’m still gathering all my thoughts, actions, and “ah-ha” moments from the week. I would like to share them with you soon. Because not only are the lessons I learned useful in a business environment… I think they are applicable in every day situations (home, gym, church, etc)

While at the conference, I had no access to my crossfit box. They did have a very nice “hotel-like” gym. I never thought I’d say this, but I really missed my barbell.... Every day I took my jump rope in there and worked on Double Unders in addition to having a great cardio workout.

I got to “play” on Jacob’s Ladder. That thing SMOKED me pretty quick.  I climbed approx 13 stories in 20 minutes.

JacobsLadderSiloIMG 3862

They had really nice rowers… with the water you couldn’t change the resistance, but it provided a super smooth stroke.

WaterRower Rowing Simulator

Day 2 of working on Double Unders I got 17 (prior max was 8!). Day 3 I got a whopping 25!!! My goal is to get to 50 by the end of the month. There’s definitely something to say for practice, practice, practice!!


I’d be remiss if I didn’t mention the Crossfit Games. The workout 13.2 was sort of an old school crossfit triplet. 

10 minute “As Many Reps As Possible” (AMRAP). (Weights for Women noted below)

5 Shoulder to Overhead (75lbs)

10 Deadlifts (75lbs)

15 Box Jumps (20″)

I was hoping for 6-8 rounds. I ended up with 6+28 (which means I was 2 box jumps shy of 7 full rounds)… or 208 reps

I’m really happy with my score. Of course, I’d like to have had more…but I feel like I made it in the range of my goal.


Today at the gym I took it easy. Worked on my snatch (68 lbs was a struggle today due to shoulders being fatigued). The snatch is such a complicated movement, but I’m excited to be working at it and getting stronger. 

Just as I was getting ready to crab about the week ahead, I found this…. 

Monday perspective

I have a goal to be more positive and project a better perspective on things. And this simple little picture surely helps me do that!

My First CrossFit Competition

Saturday, March 2nd was the South Side Throw Down!! Three of the crossfit affiliates in the area all gathered at my box… each gym brought a handful of teams. About a month ago when I signed up for the competition, I honestly had no idea what to expect. And even the night before I wasn’t entirely sure what I’d gotten myself into.

There were three WODS (workouts) that day. Most teams consisted of five to six athletes. That meant that most athletes would participate in two WODs. 

The workouts were posted a few days in advance. Some of the teams probably had strategy to maximize their strengths or hide their weaknesses. My team was full of “fairly” new people so we all just wanted to have fun! Oh, and by the way, my team was three boys and two girls. That means both of us girls had to compete in EVERY single WOD.

So let’s break it down…

That morning Gregg and I made sure to have a good breakfast. We arrived at the gym around 12:30… and signed in. At the registration table, my coach Neil said “Kristin, we’ve been talking about you….” The three coaches at 314 had been debating whether I belonged in the Beginner or Intermediate category. Remember a few posts back when I said Neil would consider putting me in Intermediate …and I was stoked?! Well, reality started setting in and I was so nervous. I told him I was worried about not being able to compete in that category (there were scales for Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced). My biggest worry was not being able to get pull ups (sans band). 

Neil left it up to me to decide but encouraged me to challenge myself. So, I said “Let’s do this” and signed up as an Intermediate!! I’ve been doing this stuff for three months and I was placed in a category with others who have been doing it for years!

Workout #1 will be a team sled push relay and max weight turkish getup.

On paper I was not worried about this one. In reality, it was my LEAST favorite one! It was so cold outside and I didn’t have appropriate attire. Running the first lap with Tina pushing 45lbs on the sled I was a little surprised how slow it went. I raced ahead to get my weight ready. Pushing 90lbs on the sled out was bad, but not terrible. Turning around I lost so much strength. Half way back I slowed to a fast walk. I was frustrated. I was pushing and apologizing to my team the whole way. They were great and just kept encouraging me. As my third teammate, Ryan, loaded up the sled the team went running off. I tried to run and my legs just wouldn’t move. They were jelly. And then… I fell. Some people say I tripped on something. I know I didn’t. I know that my legs just refused to work. I was worried about my ankle and I was humiliated. But I got up and slowly jogged to catch up with my team. We were the last of three teams to finish in our heat. Gregg came up to check on me, and my ankle. Again, I was mortified. I didn’t treat him with the respect for his patience that he deserved…he was only looking out for me.

The second part of WOD #1 was much more enjoyable. I like Turkish Get Ups. A lot. I thought I’d be able to do more than the 35lbs that I did…but after the sled push my body was pretty maxed out.

IMG 3825

Between WOD 1 and WOD 2 I realized it was 2:00 in the afternoon and I hadn’t eaten lunch. I scarfed down a Larabar while watching other athletes.

Workout #2 will be a max weight clean and jerk (complex).

Finding my 3RM (three rep max) Power Clean and Jerk was empowering. I tried not to keep track of the weight I was lifting, because sometimes the numbers get in my head forming a very large mental roadblock. I successfully lifted 95lbs three times. There were many attempts (I’d get two and fail) so a part of me wonders if I would have rested more adequately between attempts if I could have lifted more.

IMG 3800IMG 3801IMG 3802IMG 3807

check out the video here:


Workout #3 will be an 18 minute AMRAP.

This was just like a regular workout at CrossFit314. Six stations, three minutes at each station with a partner. I kicked ass on the rope climbs. Looking back now, I wish I would have offered to do more of them to help Tina out…because I certainly relied on her in other stations. Especially the second one, box jumps. I’ve only done box jumps three or four times now. And my inability to confidently jump down (bc of my ankle) really hinders my form and efficiency. Shuttle runs felt good…though running just feet in front of the spectators was a little overwhelming (if I thought about it). But really, most of the time I just ignored the crowd. On to the pull ups (no band!) I warned Tina I would need her help. I would eek out 2 or 3 and then drop down. I was able to do that several times though! Which means, I need to start doing more without a band! The last two stations were Thrusters and Burpees. ‘Nough said. Basically, they were the nail in a very tired coffin.

IMG 3826

In the end, my team tied for 5 out of 11. I’m very proud of everyone. I know that I surprised myself with my confidence (and competitiveness) and I’m already looking forward to next year’s competition!

IMG 3816

Here’s a video that one of the owners/trainers at 314 made. Enjoy!

whole30 – day 4



okay, so this might be turning into a day by day account. although, i hope that after some of the ‘newness’ wears off it won’t be at the forefront of my every waking thought.

first of all, it seems like i’ve been doing whole30 for many more days than 4. i think i’m starting to hit the crabby, tired, starting to cleanse the body stage. i definitely notice when i’ve gone too long without eating and/or didn’t get enough in the last meal.

i learned today that gum (even sugar free gum) is a no-no on the whole30. thankfully i just had some dental work done and i was avoiding gum for a week already. but i can go through 4 sticks a day (at least)… and now that my dental work allows me to chew it’s going to be another little battle.

why can’t you chew sugar free gum on the whole30 you might ask? here’s a few snippets i found over on forums

  • chewing gum fakes out your digestive system
  • gum is full of artificial sweeteners
  • there’s all kinds of nasty things (non-food really) in gum

only watch this video if you never want to chew gum again…


tonights crossfit workout was a kicker. i was still pretty sore from yesterday, a good sore though. just from doing weights and movements i’ve never done before. it’s waking up new muscles all over my body. my traps and low back are especially sore after a lot of power clean & jerks. tonight’s WOD was heavily scaled and reps adjusted. but i know i still got a good workout in and i’m learning so much!

when i got home from crossfit (around 730p) i told my mom and hubby that i was completely on E. i don’t know if i was under nourished or if it’s just the stage of the program i’m in. but man, i felt so sick and foggy and tired. after eating a plate of nutritious food i felt 100x better.


whole30 RECAP:

workout (as modified) – 3 Rounds of 20 wall balls (10#) and 20 power snatch (15#). i’m still focusing on form and range of motion. landing and locking my arms slightly behind my head will take a lot of practice and focus. so will the depth. i just need to really be persistent in my warms ups.

meal 1 – black coffee, 1/2 sweet potato & frittata (again. blaugh. i am just about sick of that concoction. i’d better move on to something else tomorrow!)

snack – blackberries

meal 2 – salmon (from foil wrap) on salad with spinach, tomatoes, avocado. there was broccoli in there but i avoided it. i also didn’t eat the other 1/2 of sweet potato.

snack – banana & almond butter (seems i should have eaten my entire lunch!)

meal 3 – chicken breast (3/4) & carrots (a la crock pot) and left over cauli-rice. << i am a big fan of this stuff!

Too much work

…not enough workouts!

This week has been a bad week for me in the office. I worked way too many hours to be called normal. That screwed up my training plan as well. *boo* *hiss*

I was supposed to do 3 mile run + strength on Thursday – I (again) swapped out my rest day on Friday for Thursday night in order to get some work done. Well, Friday came and I logged a good 11 hour work day. After sending the last email, I poured myself a glass of wine. And went to bed by 10:30pm.

This morning I slept in (I. Love. Sleep.) and then got back online to work some more.

Now, I’m finally ready to workout.  And I’m going to go nuts with this circuit!

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