whole30 review



when i committed to doing the whole30, i had my hesitations. i’ve never been able to stick to a diet nor have extreme self control around food. don’t get me wrong, i didn’t binge but i was complacent telling myself i ate “relatively healthy”. 

committing to the whole30 on dec3rd, crossing christmas and new years was an even bigger challenge. but i told myself it would make it easier than “trying to cut back”. because rather than allowing myself “just one” or trying to track how many “just one’s” i’d had that day… the answer would always be simple. it would be “no thank you

turns out that worked!

it was hard, and i went through some ups and downs in my emotions. but i made it through!

you can read all about the common stages over on whole9life.com



now here’s my take…

week 1 – i was tired and hungry. making sure i ate enough protein was challenging. i do think the volume of each meal increased, but cutting snacking probably offset that. realizing i couldn’t chew gum was a major bummer. {funny how i don’t miss it now}.  did i mention how tired i was?! 

week 2 – i lost my hunger. as my body began adjusting to the new REAL food, i lost my appetite. some of this may be attributed to lack of meal diversity but i was also getting sick of meat. slowly, my energy starts to creep up and my relationship with food and appreciation for it begins to change about half way through. gregg dropped off from whole30 to paleo – rather than going with him – that gave me more desire to stick with it.

week 3 – late week 2/early week 3 i had food dreams. lots of them. some funny, some bizarre. but i start to feel the “tiger blood”… looking back through my blog posts they are chipper and energetic.

week 4 – early week 4/late week 3 my energy plummets. i’m crabby. and i’m mean…. turns out, my body needs more carbs during certain time of the month. after i learn & adjust accordingly, energy is back up and mood improves! the last half of week four felt like it took forever. i was just ready for day 30 to be here.

day 29 (nye) – i tell myself i’ve done well enough. i can eat whatever i want.  but i don’t. because i committed to 30 days, not 29.

day 30 (new year’s day) – i tell myself i’ve more than proven myself…that night, i will indulge in a little frozen custard. however, ted drewe’s is closed, and i feel ashamed of letting my guard down on last day.

day 31 (today!) – for weeks i’d planned to get starbucks this morning….yet i didn’t. i don’t know why. i told myself i’d “need” or “want” it more later in the week. i stayed compliant to whole30 (other than my paleo-ized banana muffin).  i’m looking forward to carrying the things i’ve learned day-to-day.

there is, honestly, some anxiety in my head…. what happens after all this???  what happens when i eat something and feel like crap???  what happens when my energy plummets and i gain all my weight back, or my headaches return, or acne reappears??? 

well, the answer is simple, i eliminate what hurts. 

i eat good food.

i would encourage anyone, and everyone, to the whole30 challenge. it will change your life. i promise.

i’ve lost weight. tightened my bod. quit taking prescription migraine meds. skin is brighter and clearer. energy is up. i’m happy. tummy issues are gone.  

what will you gain? only one way to find out!!…. 




30 days


I made it trough thirty days of clean eating. I’ve lost a lot (weight & inches) but gained so much more (better health, energy, & happiness!)

A more thorough recap to come…


i can climb a rope!

hello my friends! i have missed you

 IMG 3527

the past several days i’ve been taken up in the holiday festivities. i clearly do better at blogging when i have a battle rhythm. although i haven’t blogged for quite a few days, i’m very happy to report that i’m still holding strong on my whole30 journey!! today is day 26!! it’s so hard to believe. sadly, since i haven’t blogged for a while i’ve also lost track of my eats. but, i have held myself to it…. despite the temptations. 

let’s rewind and recap a few important things that have happened…

dec 24 gregg and i went to CF314 for an early morning workout. yes, we worked out on christmas eve day! nearly one month ago, before starting crossfit, i had anxiety for many reasons. i was intimidated and somewhat scared of the ‘crazy’ wods and/or athletes. i feared my inability and non-athletism would be painfully obvious. but with each visit, and each class, i tackled the wod head on. i didn’t worry about scaling, in fact sometimes i probably went more conservative. but i intend to focus on form and really learn the skills.

up until this point, the activity that really haunted my thoughts was the rope climb. four large ropes hang in the corner of our box, going all the way up to a 20′ ceiling. i knew i’d eventually have to face these demons.


turns out, christmas eve, the gift to myself was confidence! 

the wod was all about the ropes! during the skill portion of class, our instructor showed us how to climb… having 4 experienced classmates demonstrating.

Screen Shot 2012 12 28 at 2 31 47 PM

then it was time for the newbies! i walked up to that rope. grabbed on. wrapped my leg. swallowed my fear. and climbed that damn thing!

first time on the rope, and i went up to the “women’s” 15 foot mark! boom! that happened. [gregg tried to take video, but his iPhone was full.  :(]

during the workout, i made 2 or 3 solid rounds, then had to scale back on the climbs. my arms were definitely getting tired and my form was poor. but after class, i rested up a bit, and decided i wanted a video of me and my rope. so i climbed again. this time, all 20′ up!

[note: not captured on the video, me dropping with less than 1 foot from the ground and severely twisting my ankle. i will never, ever, do that again!]

dec24-25: christmas celebration at my in-laws. i packed my own meals, didn’t participate in the food schmorgeshbored, and passed up on the best freakin’ chocolate chip cookies on the planet. i wanted to give in so many times. just one. it’s a special occasion and family tradition. but i knew, if i ate that cookie, it’d be gone in 5 seconds. and i’d think about it for the next 5 days! it wasn’t worth it.

though, i’d be lying if i said i wasn’t going to have one on january 2nd!

the last several days have been spent at home, “RICE“-ing my ankle. i’m hoping to be ready for the box this weekend. that may be too optimistic. 

whole30 recap

as i said before, i don’t recall everything i’ve eaten. it’s been pretty boring. but overall i feel pretty great!! best thing i’ve made recently:

sweet potato fries have made a come back

chicken soup (crock pot)

homemade applesauce

cravings & exhausted… pms on whole30

the past few days i’ve really been fighting the sugar dragon and my energy levels have been monumtenally low.

after doing some research, this is my pms on whole30. directly from melissa hartwig (co-founder of whole9 and author of It Starts With Food)

Screen Shot 2012 12 23 at 9 46 42 AM


 so… it turns out that while i was cutting back on some of the fruit & sweet potatoes this last week, i was in direct violation of what my body needed

being armed with this knowledge, i definitely feel less frustrated. i was beginning to think that i was just hitting the 2nd phase (in which everything sucks). but being on day 20 i should start reaping some of the benefits!

whole30 recap (day 20)

workout – n/a

meal 1 – eggs & veggies

meal 2 – dry salad with chicken at onesto’s

meal 3 – shepards pie


happy friday! today was my last work day of 2012. that feels so good to say 🙂

in fact, i left work early today and just sort of putzed around.

i had to pick up a gift card from a local nail place, so of course that meant i needed to stop & get my nails done too. i love the gel nails. they hang through all the sh*t i put them through. [and that’s important, because we are tackling the basement this week!!!]

my energy level has been pretty low the last couple days. last night i was in bed by 830 and asleep by 9pm. today, i came home and took a nap after work.

gregg and i had committed to each other we’d go to 5pm class tonight, but due to a change in plans we re-committed to the 6pm class. we were both tired and groggy and didn’t feel like going.

but we did.

and as usual, i was so glad we went! 

class was really small tonight, only 3 of us, so i got some extra attention from the trainer. the workout itself was a doozey. after 150 air squats and power cleans, my quads are quivering. [i’m thinking tomorrow morning wod (wall balls) are out of the question]

although i had lots of coaching tonight, i still obviously have my form to work on. i definitely need to learn how to do a power clean without landing on my collar bone. this is my bruise showing up literally 1 hour after class.

also, in case you didn’t know, i am part giraffe…


IMG 3510


whole30 recap (day 19) << friday

workout – CF314 6pm class – Power Cleans and Air Squats. crossfit is teaching me many things…. tonight’s lesson was that “air squats” can still make me want to cry. these are squats with no weight. nothing. but do 50 of them…3 times… and it makes it difficult to walk for a bit!

meal 1 – porridge, blackberries, and egg <<  i think i need to chill on this porridge, it’s pretty high in fat content

meal 2 – left over shepard’s pie (from last night)

snack – clementine, banana, almond butter << i kept wanting to snack in hopes to spike my energy. *tisk*tisk*

meal 3 − 2 eggs, shrimp, spinach, tomatoes, cucumber. i do not recommend this mix. it was yucky, but i was hungry and needed a quick fix.

whole30 recap (day 18) << thursday

workout – n/a

meal 1 – egg, italian sausage, sweet potato

meal 2 – salmon, avocado (old, and not great tasting), & misc salad << our work holiday luncheon was today. i brought my own food.

meal 3 – made up shephard’s pie (cauliflower base, ground beef, carrots, onions, sweet potatoes, with coconut milk on top) not great, but not terrible for being a made up recipe!




wednesday workout (day 16-17)

beautiful morning sunrise in the ‘hood

IMG 3505

yesterday i didn’t get a chance to blog. i was busy mailing christmas presents and doing christmas cards. i think everything will arrive with 2-3 days to spare. i’m so proud of myself.


tucker & bella tried to help.

IMG 3437 IMG 3436

last night, i took that as a priority and did not make it to crossfit. so i was  amped to go tonight! who-we it was a doozie!

in other big news, today was the first time i dined out at a restaurant in the last 17 days. i was pretty nervous and anxious about the whole process. but when i explained what i was doing the server was excellent. my coworkers gave me a look of pity the entire time. i thought the lunch was delicious.

gregg hid the scale from me (on request).  i worry that the little boost i got from my cheat (updated body measurements) has provided more temptation to weigh myself. i refuse to define my success by those numbers.


Whole30 recap (day 16) << Tuesday

Workout – n/a

Meal 1 – the usual (egg, sweet potato, sausage)

Meal 2 – left over spaghetti

Snack – banana/almond butter

Meal 3 – scallops, brussel sprouts, sweet potato


Recap (day 17) << Today/Wednesday

Workout – Killer WOD at CF314.  Toes thru Rings, Lunges, Push Ups, Russian Kettlebell Swings. PHEW!

Meal 1 – 2 eggs, avocado, brussel sprouts, salmon

Meal 2 – chicken breast, veggies, sweet potato << first meal dining out. Longhorn Steakhouse

post workout – 2 dates

meal 3 – caulirice, onion, spinach, italian sausage, egg scramble.

almost everything i eat becomes a “scramble” IMG 3506

monday motivation

it’s time for… monday motivation!  (+ a little cuteness)

25755029088503475 RS0JKb88 c


i’m going to have to remind myself of this as i continue to push myself and learn more at crossfit…

171629435769660725 00uNzCSW c


i don’t know who’s puppy this is, but it’s just plain adorable… i’m slowly getting more in the holiday spirit!

91127592431827095 oRt7Cg1r c



and ps – this was my last work monday of 2012. enough said.

whole30 recap (day 15) –

so i’ve made it to the half way mark. i am feeling healthy and energetic. in fact, i almost feel bad when i tell people i’m enjoying it. i don’t want to mislead someone into thinking it’s easy… because it’s not. i just love how i feel.

workout – CF314 – Skill: TGU, WOD: 15AMRAP 5 Box Jumps, 5 Power/Hang Snatch, 1 Line Sprint. this was my first ever box jump!! i took the baby box (probably 12 inches?) just to build confidence. i also increased the weight a little on the snatches… 35#…. still a lot of form to focus on.

meal 1 − 2 eggs, 1/2 potato, italian sausage. coffee w/ coconut milk << half drank, pitched rest

meal 2 – pork, carrots w/ dates, spinach all mulled together with a dab of mustard. that was the last serving of crock-pot pork and i finally enjoyed it. ha!

snack – mandarin orange (whoops, no protein)

meal 3 – scallops, broccoli, red bell pepper

cookies, ice cream, sugar filled dreams

it has officially happened. last night every single dream i had (or at least remember) had cookies, ice cream, or some other sweet in it. 

in most of the dreams i was devouring the goodies without giving it any thought. chocolate chips hanging on the sides of my mouth, crumbs falling down my face. each time i woke up so upset with myself. for ruining the whole30. then, i’d wake a little more and realize it was all a dream.

it’s a good thing i don’t (a) sleep walk and/or (b) have any cookies in the house!!

[google “sleep eating”. there are a surprising amount of photos! yikes!]

Screen Shot 2012 12 16 at 9 25 05 PM


while the last two weeks have been challenging, i haven’t been (or at least, haven’t realized that i’ve been) tempted by sweets. i want to give in for the ease factor. or i really want my “triple grande skinny vanilla latte”.  or even just a protein shake! but i haven’t missed cookies. 

so why did i dream about them? who knows. but apparently it’s fairly common. you can read more here.


on to other news…this morning i slept in. sharing my pillow obviously.

IMG 3496

i didn’t get much of anything on the ‘to do’ list done…  but i absolutely enjoyed my day! 

it was a balmy 55 degrees and sunny. rather than going to open gym, i decided to dust off my running shoes. it’s been a while since i’ve gone out on a longish run and i had no idea how i’d feel. …. turns out i felt great!

my left hip started getting a little tight, which pulled on my right knee towards the end of the run. so i made sure to spend a good 30 mins foam rolling when i got home.

4 miles in 45 mins. (i actually hit 5k around 34:something and struggled to do much after that)

wearing my new top from my sis! it’s brighter than i would have picked but after i had it on i really liked it!

<sheesh my mirror needs cleaned!>

IMG 3499

hi bella!!!!

well, another great weekend in the books. now the puppies are snoring and i’m ready for bed.

good night friends.


whole30 recap (day 14!)

workout – 4 mile solo run.   i’m glad i took this pic b/c somehow data was lost in the sync from garmin to mac! laps 1-4 were the 3.1miles but somehow gone forever. the number nerd in me is very sad. also, i never match for workouts… it’s a goal of mine to never match.

Screen Shot 2012 12 16 at 9 18 42 PM

IMG 3500

meal 1 – porridge, blueberries, blackberries, egg

meal 2 – spaghetti left overs [it’s a good thing i like this … it’s the never ending left overs!!]

meal 3 – pork, cauli-rice, candied carrots (baked with dates)

more than just weight loss (days 12 & 13)



it’s been a busy weekend, i missed you. 

friday was a busy day… work wasn’t too shabby, it was the social scene that got a little hectic. but before i jump to the bar scene, i had to have a follow up appointment with my neurologist. i’ve been on daily preventative migraine meds for quite some time. but after talking to her about the whole30 and the reintroduction process she said i could go off the meds (when i asked). 

so here i am (sunday) and 2 nights have passed without taking the meds. i’m a little apprehensive, but very hopeful. she told me some of the usual triggers include MSG, red wine, old cheeses, etc. i plan to find some more literature, this way i can be on the look out for usual food triggers when i’m ready. 

after the doc, i had three happy hour invites. they were scattered all over the city so i only made two of them. the first was with my co-workers. some of them know about the whole30, but many didn’t. and since i was hitting up the bar around 5pm i knew i needed a snack. so i ate my hardboiled egg and blackberries in the parking lot. then once inside, i ordered water with lemon & lime to try to avoid any questions. it seems that if you’re married and drinking water at a happy hour everyone will automatically assume you are preggers. the few people that noticed i just said i had other happy hours to attend and didn’t want to be drinking and driving. (also a true statement). Screen Shot 2012 12 16 at 10 37 58 AM

the second gathering was closer to home so i was able to eat dinner very quickly then head back out. gregg and i met up with all the folks from crossfit314. i’d never been to this particular bar before, and it smelt of heavenly bbq. i was so glad i ate before! again, i ordered my water with lemon & lime. and enjoyed getting to know some of the people i have met over the past few weeks. it was funny seeing the girls in makeup with their hair done.

by 11:30… i crashed.

<<alarm>> went off at 7:45 saturday morning. time for crossfit! i got up very begrudgingly. 9am class was not my idea. but after we got there and got moving i was glad to have it out of the way. the workout was modified, to be a remembrance WOD. for the terrible tragedy and those suffering up in newton, ct. when i suffered during the workout (i even fell and dropped weights during OHS)…  i thought of those dear children, those beautiful strong teachers, and all their families. they will be strong and lift each other up. we all need to do that for one another. each and every day. 

Screen Shot 2012 12 16 at 10 46 43 AM

most of the day saturday was spent finalizing christmas shopping. gregg visited costco for the first time. he is amazed. 

sadly, i still can’t find whole30 compliant bacon… even though the whole9 forums say costco has it. <sigh>

and now it’s time for a confession… saturday (day 13), i had a cheat…. but it wasn’t a food cheat! …i’ve been doing so great on the whole30…. i really have. i know my gut feels better. i know my relationship with food is improving. and hopefully, can fix my migraine/headaches.    but i am not seeing the body changes i hoped for. since i know i don’t want to weigh myself, i decided to take my body measurements. i think this was probably a cheat and while i feel a little guilty about it, it has giving me motivation  to keep it up! 

i won’t post my measurements, but i’ll just say… i’ve lost about an inch in every spot since nov 24 (when i started crossfit, about 1 week prior to starting whole 30).


From Whole9

Screen Shot 2012 12 16 at 10 36 44 AM

whole30 recap (day 12)

workout – n/a (busy being a social butterfly)

meal 1 − 1/2 sweet potato, 2 eggs, italian sausage

meal 2 – left over spaghetti & broccoli

snack – hb egg & blackberries (before happy hour)

meal 3 – pork, 1/2 avocado,  + almond butter/banana 


whole30 recap (day 13)

workout – “jeremy” 21-15-9: OHS & Burpees!  8:32 @ 25#

meal 1 – porridge (used coconut milk makes 10x more yummy)

meal 2 – left over spaghetti & spinach

snack – pistachios (while out shopping at the mall. good thing i carry nuts in my purse)

meal 3 – surf n’ turf (steak, scallops, sweet potato, brussel sprouts) << much of steak & sweet potato went uneaten

Monday Motivation

not much is rumbling through this old brain of mine for the blog today.

i worked too many hours, went to the dentist for a crown fitting, and worked some more. i was hoping to get out of the dentist with all the feeling in my mouth, but sadly they had to numb it up. and i figured it’s not wise to go workout with a numb mouth & face.

though, drinking water while on my work laptop wasn’t too smart either. (i was an instant fountain every time!)

for my lack of words… here it is, your installment of monday motivation…..

268667933989823203 ZaMUiGF8 c

7599893091450442 meKD1nTX c

     74168725083305295 t9gzZ7Yg c


whole30 recap (day 8)

workout – n/a – and i’m starting to get crabby

meal 1 − 1/2 sweet potato, italian sausage, 1 egg

snack – pistachios

meal 2 − 3/4 chicken breast, 1 hard boiled egg, 1/2 avocado, brussel sprouts

snack – clementine

meal 3 – no-grain porridge (coconut, almond butter), blackberries, italian sausage