You don’t have to go fast….

Today was a good day, especially for a Sunday. It included lounging in bed trying to sleep in (but of course the pups would not let us sleep in too late!), house cleaning chores, and a solid workout.

"Are you up yet?!" - Bella Puppy

Though I have not officially started my half marathon training yet… it all gets serious tomorrow! But that didn’t mean I wasn’t going to do anything today!

I dialed up the Fit Radio app on my iPhone and busted out a solid 4.25 miles (excluding warm-up & cool-down) on the treadmill. It was a chilly 30-something* today… and I just didn’t feel like bundling up.

I was able to work out some more speed intervals, but by the end of it all I was completely spent. With only a few more ounces of energy, I busted out 8 burpees (for the #burpeechallenge) and cooled down with 8 mins on the bike.

Once I was home, a sweaty mess, my post-workout snack consisted of Organic Chocolate Milk (hey, this study says it’s good for me!) and a banana.

Tonight we’ll be laying low… folding laundry and watching a few episodes of The West Wing. We’re in the first half of season four… I can’t wait for Donna & Josh to just *kiss* already!