Weekend Play by Play

Fall weekends are the best. 

I love sleeping with the windows open, the chill in the house overnight, waking up snuggled deep in a light blanket. Then the day time air feels crisp (not humid) and the sun shines a beautiful shade (rather than beating you down).

Friday night, I enjoyed some ‘me’ time at the gym. The 5pm and 6pm classes were all over the box and I usually try to stay out of their way. So I decided to stick my happy rear on the rower…and row a 5k. I averaged slightly over 2:35 mins per 500m and wrapped it up in 26 minutes. Friday evening Gregg and I watched a few NetFlix/Hulu shows… another bonus of fall… all the TV shows come back! Although with Hulu we usually don’t get the shows until a day or two after they air on the major networks…but so far, the switch has definitely been worth it!

We went to bed super early on Friday, and I slept in until 8am. I got 10 hours of sleep…and it was glorious. Gregg and I had a very productive day around the house (him outside with the yard, me inside). A thunderstorm was supposed to roll in and we also had baseball tickets to the Cards-Cubs evening game. The tickets were a generous ‘appreciation award’ from my employer. My boss told me the game was at 7:15 and I just took her word for it. 

Around 4:15, I noticed friends on my facebook newsfeed were tagging themselves at the stadium. I pulled the tickets out of the envelope and saw 6:15 game time! Okay, no biggie, we whipped up a quick & healthy dinner (salmon, broccoli, sweet potatoes) so that we didn’t gorge on ballpark food. Around 5:15, I saw more Facebook posts… and after checking a few other news feeds, realized they had moved the game up to start at 3:15 due to the inclement weather! It was bottom of the 6th!!!


Gregg and I were both pretty excited to go to a game, especially Cards-Cubs. But alas, it just wasn’t in our cards (no pun intended) for the evening. 

Since we ate dinner so early, we decided to rent a Movie and get some Ted Drewes. We rented “Now You See Me”…it was about four magicians pulling off big heists. Sort of had an Oceans’ Eleven vibe. I enjoyed it…but not as much as I enjoyed the frozen custard from Drewes!!  Nom. 

This, Sunday, morning… we resumed our brunch tradition. Gregg worked the past several Sundays so we haven’t been able to make our little favorite brunch spot in many weeks. He got up super early to meet a friend at the track and I slept in. I rolled out of bed at 8am (two days in a row of sleeping in!) and got ready for the day.

We sat on the patio and enjoyed our Turkish Coffee, homemade gyro omelet, and breakfast sandwich. After brunch we headed to open gym. I worked on some PT (more squats & lunges), ring work (skin the cat), and programmed a little WOD for myself.

My squats are getting much better, although, I still hold on to something when going deep. As for the lunges, I keep a (broom)stick with me as I travel the gym. This is both for balance and to remind myself that I am not ‘ok’. Lunges with the weight on my right knee (left/bad knee to the ground) are actually much more difficult. I think it’s a flexibility issue. My hips and quads are always pretty tight. I’m able to do a few lunges without the stick but I tipping over is a valid concern.

My ring work has gotten noticeably better. One of the trainers said it was “virtuous”. I’m pretty happy about that.

My WOD was 4 rounds for time: 400m Row, 7 pull ups, 7 rope pulls, 14 weighted sit ups. It took me 20mins and some change. The rope gave me a little blister but over all I felt really good. Gregg also showed me some variations for my sit ups… slow it WAAAAAYYY down to toughen it up.

The rest of our Sunday was pretty low key errands in the Jeep. (Costco, Red Wing Shoe store, Schnucks). Then we headed to a local “Art in the Park” festival. Over the years it has been fun to watch the festival get bigger and better. And since it’s in our neighborhood we always see people we know and try food from local diners. 

Tonight, Gregg and his friend are studying for the Fire Dept Captains exam (round 2 is next week!) and then we will probably light up the backyard fire pit.

Not many pictures to spruce up this post… so enjoy this little mental gem.


Screen Shot 2013 09 29 at 6 33 33 PM



GHD on Friday, Sore on Sunday

It’s the truth.

Friday after work, I went to CrossFit 314 for a little workout. The prescribed WOD was a lot of technical skill work focused on Olympic lifting, specifically the Snatch. I really need work on my snatch…it very well may be the most complicated lift. However, since I’m not allowing myself to even touch a barbell until Christmas… I observed the class from the rower. Over the past few weeks I’ve graduated to rowing with both feet (no longer using the skateboard!). This feels like a major accomplishment.

I’ve been gradually increasing my time, distance, and speed. 

Friday I rowed 2,000m in 11:19. [Sunday I rowed 3,000m in 16:16.] But back to Friday… 

After only 11 minutes in the saddle, I felt I needed a bit more. So I looked up Korwod #12. I decided to modify it a bit:

2 Rounds:

1 minute plank

10 weighted GHD sit-ups (10lb wall ball)

1 minute plank ups

15 abmat sit ups

1 minute plank

10 weighted GHD sit-ups (10lb wall ball)

Since my ACL injury, I’ve been doing a lot of core work. And GHD’s are about the only thing that leave me sore. Problem is…I’m not really sore until 24-36hrs later. And at that time… Holy Moly, I can’t move. Heaven help me if I laugh, sneeze, or need to sit up in bed. Good grief. My abs are smoked!

Other fun things that happened this weekend:

IMG 4671

Tucker found a great snuggle spot on the unmade bed. Mounds of blankets, sheets, and clothes seems to be prime puppy real estate.

IMG 0007

Booked a last minute beach vacation!!

Screen Shot 2013 09 15 at 9 19 34 PM


Received my replacement FitBit (note to self: do not wear in bra sweat & fitbit don’t get along)

IMG 4673

Screen Shot 2013 09 15 at 9 12 25 PM



IMG 4679     IMG 4677

There may have been more photo ops than croquet playing.

IMG 4685

Yet another attempt at zucchini brownies.  And yet another failed batch.

IMG 4687


Gregg and I debate the appropriate application of the oxford comma.

Tomorrow, I go back to the ortho-surgeon for 12 week check up on the knee!!! I will give a full report at that time.

IMG 4669


Where, oh Where, does the weekend go?

Friday afternoon we had a work happy hour to celebrate the (near) conclusion of LRBP. Upon arriving home, I found two packages for me. First of all, I love shopping online…. Second of all, I love new workout gear! This was the highlight of my day.

IMG 4414

Oh, and I also wore my new shoes… I’m in love.


IMG 4415

Saturday morning we slept in and headed to the 9am session at 314. The WOD “The Chief” is one of Gregg’s favorites and he knocked it out of the park!  (24+ Rounds!!!)

Since squats and cleans are still on the “no-no” list for me… I programmed a little WOD for myself. I’ve found that it really helps if I’m “working” while the rest of the group is “working”. So I tried to mimic their timeline. I must say, I’m getting quite proud of my abilities to program WODs for myself!

IMG 4454

After a great sweat session, we spent a few hours by the pool. It’s hard to believe that summer is almost over!

IMG 4427IMG 4428

Finally, we capped the night off with dinner & a movie. Gyros (surprise, surprise) and “Olympus has Fallen”. The movie was definitely a “shoot ’em up” but good. I would highly recommend it.

 Sunday, we held on to the tradition of going to our favorite little brunch spot. Lately, we’ve been loving some Turkish Coffee. Today I tried the Frappe. Also delicious. We opted out of spending two hours at open gym (we were both a little sore) and had things to scratch off of the To Do list! 

Finally, after a very busy day, we ended the evening with a trip to Ted Drewes. A little bit of frozen custard. Open Jeep. And a puppy parade!


IMG 4451


IMG 4453

cookies, ice cream, sugar filled dreams

it has officially happened. last night every single dream i had (or at least remember) had cookies, ice cream, or some other sweet in it. 

in most of the dreams i was devouring the goodies without giving it any thought. chocolate chips hanging on the sides of my mouth, crumbs falling down my face. each time i woke up so upset with myself. for ruining the whole30. then, i’d wake a little more and realize it was all a dream.

it’s a good thing i don’t (a) sleep walk and/or (b) have any cookies in the house!!

[google “sleep eating”. there are a surprising amount of photos! yikes!]

Screen Shot 2012 12 16 at 9 25 05 PM


while the last two weeks have been challenging, i haven’t been (or at least, haven’t realized that i’ve been) tempted by sweets. i want to give in for the ease factor. or i really want my “triple grande skinny vanilla latte”.  or even just a protein shake! but i haven’t missed cookies. 

so why did i dream about them? who knows. but apparently it’s fairly common. you can read more here.


on to other news…this morning i slept in. sharing my pillow obviously.

IMG 3496

i didn’t get much of anything on the ‘to do’ list done…  but i absolutely enjoyed my day! 

it was a balmy 55 degrees and sunny. rather than going to open gym, i decided to dust off my running shoes. it’s been a while since i’ve gone out on a longish run and i had no idea how i’d feel. …. turns out i felt great!

my left hip started getting a little tight, which pulled on my right knee towards the end of the run. so i made sure to spend a good 30 mins foam rolling when i got home.

4 miles in 45 mins. (i actually hit 5k around 34:something and struggled to do much after that)

wearing my new top from my sis! it’s brighter than i would have picked but after i had it on i really liked it!

<sheesh my mirror needs cleaned!>

IMG 3499

hi bella!!!!

well, another great weekend in the books. now the puppies are snoring and i’m ready for bed.

good night friends.


whole30 recap (day 14!)

workout – 4 mile solo run.   i’m glad i took this pic b/c somehow data was lost in the sync from garmin to mac! laps 1-4 were the 3.1miles but somehow gone forever. the number nerd in me is very sad. also, i never match for workouts… it’s a goal of mine to never match.

Screen Shot 2012 12 16 at 9 18 42 PM

IMG 3500

meal 1 – porridge, blueberries, blackberries, egg

meal 2 – spaghetti left overs [it’s a good thing i like this … it’s the never ending left overs!!]

meal 3 – pork, cauli-rice, candied carrots (baked with dates)


Benign. That is the best word I could have expected to hear last Friday. 

I’ve had the news for about a week… and I realized (after getting a few notes, comments, and calls) that I should post my results. I did not mean to be a drama queen by any means.

The biopsy for my mole confirmed (pathologically) the visual cues that my dermatologist observed. Although the mole is benign, there were several atypical attributes. On the molecular and cellular level. Boil it down, the mole was in the process of biologically changing. Next month, after Thanksgiving, I will return for another biopsy. The atypical cells were all the way to the edge of the biopsy and the doctor wants to make sure they go and remove further out, to get a clean cut. Remove all atypical cells in a preventative move.

That news Friday was some of the best news I could have received. It also proceeded a really great weekend that included a wedding (renewal of vows) of some friends of ours Friday night. Fire pit Saturday night. And hike Sunday morning! 

Gregg, Groom, Mother of the Groom, and grade school friends

Gregg & Friends


Car Ride!

IMG 2860


Gregg & Bella

IMG 2866

Me & Tucker!

IMG 2874

By monday I felt re-energized for the week.

Then, on Monday… I got to have dinner with one of my best friends in town from Chicago. And I got the new iPhone 5 delivered to my house!


So many fun & exciting things to write about!! But alas, work was hectic. And I ended up going on a spur of the moment biz trip to San Diego Thursday & Friday!

EARLY flight, watching the sunrise. And the most bizarre hotel gym. All the equipment around the pool?! 

Funny how I am always more motivated for early morning workouts in hotel rooms… 


IMG 2877IMG 2880


Now it’s Saturday and I have a full week of relaxing with my little family planned.

Wedding Season!

Ladies & Gents – we have now officially entered St Louis Wedding Season! Are you ready for this?!

This past weekend we celebrated two dear friends of mine – joined in holy matrimony. Kristi & Brian. They’re an awesome couple.

2010 – U2 Concert (They’d been engaged less than 24 hrs)

IMG 0712


2011 – Lady Gaga Concert

005 5

Kristi and I met several years ago while going to grad school at Wash U. For a few years, I probably saw Kristi more than I saw my hubby. 

Kristi asked me to be in her wedding and I was delighted!! 

Since I was in the wedding I got lots of “pre-wedding” pics (documenting the hours & hours that go into making us girls beautiful) but didn’t get many from the actual ceremony or reception. I have a few still on my camera and I’ll try to do a transfer and recap soon.

I woke up Sunday morning with SEVEN blisters on my feet … courtesy of the bridesmaids shoes. I also had dye all over them. but I won’t go into that tirade. Let me just say… avoid getting shoes dyed at the Sunset Hills David’s Bridal shop. (They will hear my wrath soon enough).

Since I didn’t run (at ALL) last week… and I’m one month out from the Halloween 10k… These blisters have me even more stressed out than normal.

Tonight I focused on doing some YogAmazing – for Healthy Knees. It felt good to be barefoot and stretch out the legs. I seriously need to log some miles on these feet of mine though.

On a positive note, I noticed this weekend that stairs are getting easier!! It’s the small victories!


PS – I hope ALL The weddings have a Prop Photo Booth!


all lower case, because i’m lazy

hi there. i’ve missed you. i’m sure you missed me. (or barely noticed I was gone!)

my day job is keeping me from enjoying all the things that I want to enjoy. i have not been working out, blogging, or eating as well as i’d like. many long days in the office leave me spent. i know… iknow… if i worked out or ate right, i’d have more energy to conquer the day.

that’s just so much easier said than done.

friday night my darling hubby and i had ‘date night’. we had dinner & drinks on a little rooftop restaurant close to downtown. he’s not quite used to me taking pictures of everything. he’ll warm up eventually! 🙂

IMG 2628

saturday the pups had their annual check up at the vet. tucker’s liver is still not great (but not worse either!) and bella needs to loose about 10 pounds. so, as my knee heals and i’m more mobile the nightly walks will increase. funny story about our vet… last year we had the best vet in the world. i’m not kidding. she called us. emailed us. and even talked in little puppy voices like we do. it was a scary time. tucker’s liver enzymes were elevated and we were running all sorts of tests. she talked us through all our options, kept it real, but was even a little worried and thought about him too (hence, calling & emailings!). well, luckily for her, she must be amazing with all animals because she left our clinic to open one of her own. 

two hours away.

so, we stayed at our local clinic and hoped for the best with the new vet. her name is Kristin and she is awesome! if any of you have pets you know how much they become a part of your family. we would do anything for tucker & bella. and especially as they age (he’s almost 10 and she’s probably 5 or so) it helps to know that we are all in good hands!

bella got her teeth cleaned. they had to put her under general anesthesia. poor girl was out of it.

IMG 2632IMG 2631

notice the back leg hanging off the edge in the first pic. that was literally seconds after she jumped up onto the couch.

today we enjoyed some pool time. and grocery shopping of course.

dinner tonight (salmon cakes with mango cilantro salsa) was a complete bust. but when experimenting with recipes you’ll win some and you’ll lose some!


we’re off for our nightly walk now.

and maybe some ted drewes to wash down that interesting dinner.

enjoy your night!


Weekend (Non)Warrior

Friday night I had a really solid run. Bad news: It was supposed to be 3.5miles and it was only 2.7miles. Good news: I ran the entire time without stopping in 26 mins. Outside. That last part was the motivating factor in not stopping. I was very poorly under-dressed for this run. It was cold and I kept telling myself “The faster you run, the sooner you get back inside.” Probably not something I should plan to do in the future. But it worked.

Today, I’m supposed to do 40 mins of cross training. After waking early and cleaning the house top-to-bottom, I have zero energy to workout! I even put my shoes on, queued up a

Bob Harper Ripped Core DVD and just stood there staring at him warming up!

I was cold. I sat in the sunlight streaming into the office. I wanted to nap.

So I jumped in the shower to warm up and wake up. Now, I’m committing myself to get my run in early tomorrow.

5 miles are on the docket!









In other news, I am getting a blister on the bottom of my pinky toe. It reeeeeally hurts. So, I’m going shopping for some running toe-socks.

I’ve also found a new favorite meal. Chobani Vanilla Greek Yogurt, Gala apple, blueberries, with Kashi Crunch on top!

You don’t have to go fast….

Today was a good day, especially for a Sunday. It included lounging in bed trying to sleep in (but of course the pups would not let us sleep in too late!), house cleaning chores, and a solid workout.

"Are you up yet?!" - Bella Puppy

Though I have not officially started my half marathon training yet… it all gets serious tomorrow! But that didn’t mean I wasn’t going to do anything today!

I dialed up the Fit Radio app on my iPhone and busted out a solid 4.25 miles (excluding warm-up & cool-down) on the treadmill. It was a chilly 30-something* today… and I just didn’t feel like bundling up.

I was able to work out some more speed intervals, but by the end of it all I was completely spent. With only a few more ounces of energy, I busted out 8 burpees (for the #burpeechallenge) and cooled down with 8 mins on the bike.

Once I was home, a sweaty mess, my post-workout snack consisted of Organic Chocolate Milk (hey, this study says it’s good for me!) and a banana.

Tonight we’ll be laying low… folding laundry and watching a few episodes of The West Wing. We’re in the first half of season four… I can’t wait for Donna & Josh to just *kiss* already!

Labor Day Weekend Sales

Yesterday was a fun expensive day. We’ve been looking for new living room furniture for a while and we finally found a set we liked. Given that it was labor day weekend and there are always sales… we decided to go haggle look in person. The chocolate leather set was perfect and the price was almost right. I’ve gotten to the point where I hate paying sticker price for anything so I channeled my inner-mother-in-law (queen of all that is negotiating) and got $300 knocked off the price simply for paying in cash (which we would have done anyways)! Score! Pictures to come when they deliver on Friday… I’m so excited!

My new fitness toy (Garmin Forerunner 305!) and I have had a few runs. The temperature is finally dropping so I have a feeling she’ll get a lot more use this season! Yesterday, we took a jaunt around the park. This will sound strange, but I hate the perfectly square park… because it makes me more aware of distance than I want to be… but on the other hand, I love seeing my stats on my wrist! (Pace, time, heart-rate, distance). They keep me moving and pushing. I’m not very fast but I’ve definitely noticed a signifiant drop in my average heart rate as I run longer! Sign of a healthy body!


To welcome in the fall season – we grilled some chicken brats, ate a fresh summer salad,

then we lit up the fire pit,

drank wine, and chilled to some great music. Last night it got into the high 50’s!! Our house was cold this morning. Puppies were snuggled in the bed with us making it hard to get up.  But now we’re up and running and have another great day planned!

Can you spot BOTH puppies??

Enjoy the holiday, my friends!