High Heels and Cheesy Puppy Grins

Something has clicked …. not in a “uh-oh what just happened in there”, but in a good way…. for my knee today. 

Today was the first day, post ACL injury and reconstruction that I was able to wear real heels into the office. I feel so much more polished and pulled together wearing high heels. Actually, they don’t even have to be ‘high’…but just not flats.

Don’t get me wrong… I’ve got some super cute flats. But most of my dress slacks are too long and it just looks sloppy when I’m wearing flats.

IMG 4739 

Also, Tonight I got to participate in most of the WOD at my box! I couldn’t do any of the strength work (heavy squats) so I rowed during that portion.

The WOD was 10 Round for Time (RFT): 7 pull-ups; 10 Hollow Rocks. I used the blue band for my pull ups. 

– For the pull ups, I probably could have used a lighter band if I hadn’t just done some big ‘pulling’ exercises yesterday. Also, during the WOD I was practically doing Chest to Bar. The trainer even called me out on it. But then he also said it was better to do that than to cheat the movement.

– For the hollow rocks, I can really feel my core being stronger. I had solid form for all 100 rocks and although I felt a little sore during the WOD, I’m feeling like I could do more now.

– The thing that did me in tonight…. Grip Strength, Calluses, and Blisters. Oh my. 

 IMG 4740

Getting home around 7:30… the pups are running in the backyard, some tunes rolling through the crisp evening air, and a hint of someone BBQ’ing. It was Gregg! I snuck up on Tucker and got the most happiest of grins from him.  Then dined on some bbq brats, sweet taters, and broccoli. yum. 

Walking through the front door to my house, I am recharged. My heart is happy. My soul is fed. 

IMG 4733

PS – remember my walking goal for last week?  5,000 steps per day?  Well, I just about made it!! I fell short on Thursday (working & shopping at Nordstrom Rack didn’t get me many steps) and Saturday (bad knee day). The other days that fall below the bar were days I also went to CrossFit. I don’t think my little FitBit knows how to measure all that!  I’ll try to keep it up this week!


IMG 4737


It’s the little things …

That make my day better!!

The blooming hydrangeas in front of my house. Bigger than life!


Starbucks + K-cups in happy harmony


A goofy puppy tongue …


And a loving puppy look.


All capped off with an hour long massage!

Find Joy Everyday

Not too shabby for Monday.

we’re going on a walkie

my little bella girl needs to loose weight. 

IMG 2641

no, her neck is not broken…. she’s just a strange monster

bella is our little rescue pup. she lived next door to one of the fire stations my husband worked at several years ago. the family left her chained up in the backyard 24/7. she had an igloo, but that was about it. majority of her food & water came from the firemen or mother nature.

g has a heart of gold and couldn’t bear to see a living thing hurting like that. so after having a conversation with the family… he picked her up one morning as we started making arrangements to deliver her to stray rescue. stray rescue is a local, no-kill (!) shelter in the st louis area. they are a wonderful organization. check them out by clicking on the pictureLogo

295 20702088858 2513 n

i guess because it was the weekend… or perhaps it was meant to be… we couldn’t seem to get through to have someone come pick her up. 5 years later she’s an integral part of our pack.


tucker is younger, healthier, and much happier with her around.

IMG 2507all that being said, bella has some food issues. she still eats faster than she should (we have a special bowl to try to slow her down) and she eats more than she should (she seems to be famished every minute of the day).

this last weekend, at the vet, we weighed in. t is 58 lbs (maybe a pound or two heavy) and b is 72 (!!!!!) pounds. 

MOM! you don’t gotta say everything you know!”IMG 2525

b is going on a diet. we’re going back to carrots as treats and daily walkies!!

IMG 0949this is a pic from winter… but it’s one of my favorites