Things the CrossFit Open 2013 taught me

1. I am competitive. This first fact is a bit of a surprise to me, honestly. Growing up I was competitive in academics (some day I’ll tell you about the no-holds-barred approach I took to ensuring I was my High School Valedictorian); despite that, I was never super competitive in athletics. Perhaps it didn’t come naturally, or perhaps I just didn’t have enough time to for sports between church, choir, drama, school and part time job.

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2. I am persistant. During the FIRST open WOD, we had to snatch 75lbs. (after lots of burpees and snatches at 45lbs). I had only worked on snatch work a few other times…. and got no where close to that weight (75lbs). When it came time to try the lifts, many of the other girls decided to take the points they got and just keep snatching at the lower weight. For several minutes I fought that bar. Just doing anything I could to get it up. Tim, one of the trainers gave me a suggestion… and next try I got it!  And I proceeded to get three more! Boom.

IMG 3834

3. I can always push myself a little harder. One of the great things about CF is that everything is scalable. And as a novice to the sport, scaling is strongly encouraged. However, there may be times that I scale too much…simply because I have the option to do so. During the Open… there is no scaling. Getting those ever elusive “Rx” behind my name… for Five WODS… I know I should take a run at an Rx in regular classes.

4. I am capable of some pretty awesome shit. Not much more needs to be said about that! 😉 I’m lifting heavy weight, climbing tall ropes, running faster, pushing heavy things…

IMG 3943

5. I have a lot to learn… and I love it! Every WOD presents a different challenge. Whether it’s a move I’ve never done, a weight I should lift heavier, or movements I should complete faster.

6. I’m no longer intimidated to be in the weight room with the guys. When I’m not lifting… I miss it. And when I’m in a class with 4 others (all males) it doesn’t phase me…. Until my coach tells them “don’t let Kristin beat you.”  … Then, all I want to do is BEAT THEM!  RAWR!


In the end, I faired pretty well for my first CrossFit Open. Having a few months under my belt… I’m excited to see how I fair next year!

I am the 20,192 fittest woman in the world… and I ranked pretty good in my box too 🙂

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This is your Life

This summer has flown by. Most of my time was spent working. Which would not have made for a very exciting blog.

however, i did do fun things. and looking back i have a hard time remembering what they were! if i would have kept this blog going… i would know.

That being said, I’m committed to get back to writing things down. Thoughts. Goals. Experiences. This that made me laugh. And maybe things that made me cry. For the blog is called “Life of This”… and life is full of all of this. 

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Be a Leader

A wise person once told me that you can always learn something from everyone. Even those people that you don’t get along with, and those you don’t agree with, and those that grate on your very last nerve.

I’d like to say it’s easy to pick up on habits of good performing people. But I think it’s better said it’s easy to observe their habits; it is not necessarily easy to implement those habits.

Today, I learned from a “leader”, an executive that has oversight of a rather large organization. He is a very smart man and he often encourages conversation (allowing all members of the team to voice their opinion and concern without repercussion) and he thoroughly enjoys brainstorming. But there comes a point when the conversation needs to wrap up and come to a conclusion. However, with the lack of leadership members of the team continue to pontificate and debate. No real decisions are made and no actions given. Eventually, the organization is floundering… filled will several good leaders at their own level… but they need a person to lead them.

Members of the team might step up and try to aid. Prompting this notorious exec to make a decision. To drive purpose into meetings. To give a directive! But alas, none of this comes to fruition and the team is left to aimlessly manage their piece of the organization without clear direction.

Phew – that’s a long story to get to my point!

Personally, I have a tendency to hesitate to make decisions. I don’t want to come across and pushy, uncaring, or b*tchy. But today served as a very clear reminder that there comes a time when being decisive is necessary and actually desired by those you lead.

Maybe…. I just need one of these.