Losing a New Found Love

It’s been a long time since I’ve visited the old blog. There have been several nights I’ve written a blog post in my head… only not to capture it here.

One part of me wishes I’d been more diligent at documenting these thoughts, but it’s been a rather depressing several days.


Friday night, March 16th – I was so nervous for my first road race the following morning. St Louis St Patrick Day 5 mile run! For weeks leading up to that day, I’d mentally thought about how I would prepare and eat and sleep the night before. As it turns out, that was all for naught. Gregg and I went shopping (Banana Republic Friends & Family bay-bee!) and got lost in the mall. Dinner was at 9pm. A sandwich from Panera Bread.

Saturday, March 17th – My FIRST RACE!!! I was a nervous wreck that morning. My stomach was all in knots and I had to mentally talk myself down numerous times. Gregg decided to run with me, rather than just being a spectator. Once we got downtown my nerves were on highest levels. We lined up. Pandora wouldn’t work – couldn’t get a signal. So I queued up my old playlist and got going. (BTW – it’s worth mentioning that I broke one of the oldest rules in the book. I tried something new on race day. Several things actually. New running skirt (love). New socks (well, my toe socks were layered under those HAWT knee socks). New arm band for the iPhone (perfect). And wore a t-shirt (because it was green!) rather than normal tanks.)


IMG 2342

So, other than the fact that my shoe came untied at 1.5 miles. And I missed the first water station. Overall the race went really well.  I was faster than I expected. And I had so many endorphins at the finish line!


IMG 2338

IMG 2345

IMG 2347

As we headed back to the car… the trouble began.  (actually it began many weeks ago after the 9 mile run, but this was the breaking point)

My knee had a real hot, tight, sort of popping, pain. Ruh-Roh.

So I took Sunday off. And Monday. And Tuesday.

I was actually in Jury Duty all day Monday and Tuesday

IMG 2357

… just walking half mile from parking garage to courthouse (part of the very course I’d just run a few days ago!) left me near tears. So I made a doctor’s appointment for Thursday. The doctor wants an MRI on my medial meniscus… but insurance must approve.

So I took Wednesday – Monday off.

The weekend was damn near torture. But I thought to myself, I said “Self, rest now. Run later.” <– And this time I wasn’t being lazy!

Tuesday March 27th – TEN DAYS LATER! I decide to head to the treadmill. (Still waiting for insurance and I wanted to see if I could push through it… the Go! Half Marathon is just a few weeks away.)  I warmed up nice & slow. Some walking. Some hills. Ten minutes and no real problem. So, I decided it was time for a slow jog. Speed 5.5. Time less than 30 seconds. BAM! I can’t put weight on my right leg. I embarrassingly hobble over to the recumbent bike. Four minutes later… and nearly every seat adjustment later… I’m almost crying in the cardio section of my gym.

I needed to get off of it. So I hid in the tanning bed for 12 mins. Crying. Cursing. And wondering what I did wrong.

Today, my knee aches. I can walk. But I know something is wrong. And I’ve essentially lost hope for completing my first half marathon on April 15th.

I miss running.

I feel weak.

Im a quitter

See… even my recap is long and rambling and depressing!

So, I still haven’t heard from the doc about the MRI. But I plan to follow up again tomorrow.

In the mean time, I’ll be busting out lots of upper body strength and ab workouts. If I had to find a silver lining, that would be it.



So that just happened

Today I ran 9.23miles i n 1:48:02. I am quite proud of myself. But I’m also quite pooped. There will be more blogging tomorrow.

A quick recap:

1 Gu 25 mins prior to leaving. Walk .3mile warmup

Mile 1 – 9:32 avg pace *whoa need to slow down

Mile 2 – 11:30 (lots of street lights)

Mile 3 – 10:43

Mile 4 – 11:13

Mile 5 – 12:28 <–Gu #2

Mile 6 – 11:02

Mile 7 – 12:16

Mile 8 – 12:06 <– Gu #3

Mile 9 – ??? <– It get’s mess up here b/c I paused my Garmin (I don’t even remember doing it! and forgot to start it again.) I’d guess I hovered right around the 12:30 marker… I was spent

All in all… I am very happy with today’s run.




Oh, I also downloaded a trial edition of MarsEdit3. I’m excited to try it and provide some reviews.


Speed Will Come

Today’s title is attributed to one of my dear readers (commented on a post not too long ago)

Given my pace slowed considerably from the last two long-runs… I wanted to focus on getting my confidence and my speed up.  So, I shuffled some plans around, rather than doing 4.5 miles today, I opted for my “3 miles or cross” that was on tap for tomorrow.

To start, I made sure to leave work at a decent hour (only 8 hrs in the office is a major accomplishment!) and then a quick stop at the grocery store for some healthy eats. I was home while the sun was still shining and it’s a balmy 52 degrees.

For 28th of Feb…that is awesome-ness! Thank you Mother Nature!

Anyways… back to the run.

I charted a course that has some little hills, through a graveyard, and along a city river (aka: storm water overflow). I planned the last part of the run is on a busy street to keep me accountable. I always feel silly when I’m all decked out like a serious runner… and I’m walking!

Started out nice and strong. In fact, as I was walking to my starting point (dynamic warm-up folks!) I was just itching to hit “START” on the Garmin and get going! Alas, I waited. Once it was time to run, I zoomed off!

Now, for those people who run, please try not to spit water on your keyboard as you see my times (I hear that milk shot from the nose due to laughing is not covered under most warranties!). Simply remember back… some, waaaayy back…. to when you started running. And how good you felt as you whittled time off your mileage. 🙂

1 mile: 9:23 avg pace (Avg HR 133, Max 149)
2 mile: 9:43 avg pace (avg HR 152, Max 160)
3 mile: bonk 11:00 avg pace (avg HR 147, Max 161)

Regardless of hitting the wall (or that mammoth hill!!) in mile 3… I averaged a 10 min/mile. Compared to the 11 min/mile (6 mile run) and 12 min/mile (7mile run!) And this is just what I needed to see today!

Later this week, I plan to research and discuss heart rates… be excited.

Half way to the Half!

Spring seems to have sprung a little early for us here in St. Louis. Today couldn’t have been a more beautiful day (minus the wind gusts). It was 50-60 degrees, sunny, with an occasional gale force gust of wind.

I got to enjoy this weather by logging a seven mile run.

Admittedly, I struggled finding my mojo to get going. My workouts this week have been M.I.A. and I’d lost a lot of the mental fortitude gearing up for such a run requires. I woke up early this morning and futzed around the house. Watching DVR’d shows like CBS Sunday Morning and Fashion Police (yes, I have musical-and-television A.D.D.). Gregg was headed off to the gym to take part in the CrossFit Open competitions (how many burpees can you do in 7 minutes?!). I took that as my queue to get ready for my run.

But I was hungry… and it was almost lunch time… so I had a bagel thin.

Then, I was cold… so I took a nice hot shower.

That made me tired… so I snuggled up for a 20 min nap.

The dogs didn’t want to let me sleep (they kept barking) and my mind kept planning my run. So, I got up, got ready, got out the door!

I’m beginning to experiment with my fuel and hydration. I wore my Nathans Speed 2 belt. It really does rock. And used 1 Gu (w/ caffeine) before heading off on the run. Another Gu (plain) was consumed about 50 mins into the run.

So off I go… I learned a few things on today’s run:

1) When I’m ready to quit 1.5 miles into a run, it’s best to be on a route that doesn’t allow any shortcuts. Calling for a pick up is not an option either. I said “Self, you will do these 7 miles today… whether it takes you 4 hours!”

2) One 10oz water bottle is not enough for 7 miles. But plan the last 2 miles around a park and you can get more water. You can also stand in line and watch puppies drink from the fountain.

3) Instead of cursing the wind… open your arms and embrace it. Literally. It will feel like you are flying.

4) When stopping at said water fountains, remember, if you pause the Garmin to start it up again when running. I thought I was stuck in a 1.5 mile time warp. Then I realized… It was tracking my heart, and pace, but not my distance!

5) Coming home to pups frolicking in the backyard and an ultra-supportive husband makes the sense of accomplishment even better.

Gregg and I ate an early dinner (steak, sweet potato and broccoli) and as much as I’d like to plop on my couch with my compression pants and a tall glass of beer water… we’re heading off to the in-laws for an Oscar’s Party!

My ballot would probably mean more if I’d actually seen some of these movies. Oh well.

For the record — today’s run: 7.1 miles in 1:24:16!!! 🙂


Books on Running

I’m a little late to the game (there’s nothing new)!

I didn’t fully appreciate the e-reader/Kindle craze until recently my mom gave me her old one. I am totally hooked. I read so much more. And I’m starting to feel like I could be a 30-yr-old add for Reading Rainbow.

But back to the point… Books with a Topic of Running.

I’ve downloaded the following through Amazon. I’ve sort of just been flipping through them… I plan to do a book review once complete.

So far, Mile Markers is awesome!

1. Mile Markers by Kristin Armstrong





2. The Nonrunner’s Marathon Guide for Women: Get Off Your Butt and On with Your Training by Dawn Dais




3. Runner’s World Performance Nutrition for Runners: How to Fuel Your Body for Stronger Workouts, Faster Recovery, and Your Best Race Times Ever (Runners World) by Matt Fitzgerald





4. Runner’s World Complete Book of Women’s Running: The Best Advice to Get Started, Stay Motivated, Lose Weight, Run Injury-Free, Be Safe, and Train for Any Distance (Runner’s World Complete Books) by Dagny Scott Barrios


Yesterday was a gorgeous day. Slightly on the cold side. But the sun was shining and the wind was relatively calm.

I got to enjoy my 6 mile run outside!

I completed with an average pace of 11:12. Compared to last weekend, it took me 4 mins longer than it did on the treadmill. Not too shabby.

While initially, I got down on myself, thinking how that was slow. All these other blogs I read, the girls are in the 8-9 min mile range. Then I had to stop.

I reminded myself to Get Over It. The only person worth comparing myself to…. is myself.

And I rock.

Long Run-day Sunday

Fun fact: There are 1,440 minutes in the day.

And today, I spent 58.5 of those minutes running 5.21miles… enjoying the St. Louis sunshine in an unusually warm January day. The temps were in the 40’s (though with that windchill it was closer to mid-30’s). I’m finally learning how much to wear (or not wear!) to maintain a decent temp.

I’ve been struggling with a blister on my pinky toe lately…and these Micro Wool toe socks really have changed my life like the salesman said they would! My feet were in comfy heaven.

Prior to the run, my morning started off with the usual Sunday morning activity for our house…. CBS Sunday Morning. Several interesting topics were covered today including:

  • Foxconn – if you aren’t familiar with this story read up on it. You’ll appreciate your job a lot more. I promise.
  • Tory Burch – she’s a designer of “affordable clothes”… I was psyched when I saw so many cute pieces… then I checked her website. I will have to continue to shop the really-affordable section… *sigh*,
  • and a bit on Brad Pitt although he doesn’t look great with the long hair, he’s still a very sexy man. Does anyone still harbor hard feelings against Angelina??

While sipping my french press coffee and watching the show I got lots of puppy snuggles. They are the best.


This evening, after Target stole all my money, I’m waiting for hubby to grill a steak and watch some SNL. There may or may not be some wine involved at some point too.

Runners… it’s cold outside

Note(s) to future self:

  1. Do not increase weights on squats & lunges the day before a long run
  2. Running outside when it’s 30 degrees is possible. Running in 30 degrees with too many layers becomes more difficult.
  3. Changing up a route makes things much more interesting
  4. Sooner or later… you’re going to have to move your runs to the beginning of the day (versus right now smack-dab-in-da-middle)
  5. You will pay the price later for Skipping mid-week training sessions

Today’s long run was 4 miles. I chuckle to myself calling that a long run because I know in the not-too-distant future that will become my mid-week/short run! I didn’t want to go outside (temps hovering around 30 degrees) but I didn’t want to spend another 4 miles on the treadmill.

With the help from hubby, I bundled up. Although I never really got cold on the run, I felt like I was running through molasses with all those layers. With tight a gluteus & hamstrings, 43 minutes later I had another 4 miles in the books!

While I started getting bummed with my speed (am I really that slow?!) I realized, that was only ONE MINUTE slower than last sunday on the treadmill. That being said, I’m taking pride in my own progress.

The only person I need to compare myself to… is myself.

Source: healthyandhappy2012, via littlemiss-fitness
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I have a little bit of my Sunday left… and lots to do still.
Meal Planning
Grocery shopping for said meals or just buy all the same stuff we buy every week
Buy New Running Shoes

I hope you’re all enjoying your Sunday!

One week down… Thirteen to Go!

After my first full week of marathon training, I’m excited and looking forward to the next several weeks until the Go! half marathon (get the pun in the title now?!). Having a specific plan to follow with specific goals has really helped push my motivation to the next level.

I can’t wait for the snow & ice to melt so I can get back outside. Though, Tucker enjoys the snow!

Today was the first long run of the plan. It was “only” 4 miles. After completing an active warm up, I ran the 4 miles in 42 minutes. I felt a little frustrated with myself for taking a few walk breaks in the middle. In times past, if I struggled through a run (like I was mid-run today) I probably would have quit. Today, I told myself that just wasn’t an option. I could take as many 1 min walk breaks as I needed…but I wasn’t getting off that treadmill until the pedometer ticked of 4.00miles!

Yesterday I ate like crap. Last night we went a hockey game. And today I was on a treadmill with no TV and no view to distract me. All these things were the makings for a crap-tastic run. But, I pushed through!

Afterwards I spent some time stretching and quality time with Bob Harper 15 min Abs. We have a love/hate relationship.

I plan to go shopping for new running shoes today (or maybe this week). And I’m also going to finally use my b-day gift card to Lululemon! Having new kicks & new gear always makes running more fun. I like it when my hubby says “you look like a runner!”

PS – I downloaded Camera+ for my iPhone today. It makes really cool pis!

PSS – Don’t forget your burpees! It’s 15 today!