A New ‘Do

I’ll admit, growing up one would be able to identify my age and place in time based on my hairstyle alone. I was a finicky little girl… And I wanted tired of a hair cut, color; and style pretty quickly.

As I’ve gotten older (and wiser?!) I’ve slowed down the bimonthly makeovers and have settled into a hair routine. This reminds me of a very traumatic encounter with bleach that left me with yellow hair… But that’s a story for another day!

Today I got to visit my hair dresser. I’ve been seeing Lisa for nearly 7-8 years now (post traumatic bleaching event). Every time I walk out of her salon I feel fresh and confident. Today was just a long overdo touch-up of color and a trim, but I am in love.


One fashion note, I’ve fallen victim to black pants “uniform” for the office. I’m trying to be more creative. Tell me what you think of his get-up?


Tell me: what’s your favorite self-indulgence/pick-me-up that you enjoy?