Dynamic Duo CrossFit Competition

It’s been a while since I’ve blogged.  The month of September is almost done and I’m not entirely sure where it went!  More or less, it looked like this: For two weeks Gregg was in California in school. Then I got to spend a long weekend (five days!) in Colorado with my family. The next two weeks were ridiculously busy with work things.

In the midst of all this I had the opportunity to participate in my second CrossFit competition. It was called the Dynamic Duo. Teams of one male, one female. Originally I did not sign up (with all the travel and such I didn’t feel like I’d be prepped and ready). But a few weeks prior, a friend of mine at the box asked me if I’d join him on his scaled team. His partner was unable to compete. They already registered and paid. So the spot was there for the taking.

I thought about it for a few days… swallowed my nerves… and said yes.

I was nervous that I had not been “training” for it. But realized that it was scaled team. And more than anything, I just wanted to get some more competition experience under my belt.  My first competition was at my own box. Not that it doesn’t count…but there’s something to be said for going to an unfamiliar location and trusting people you don’t know to put together good WODs.

Side note: While in Colorado I did visit a local box Crossfit Salvo. This was my first drop-in to a box. They had a great facility, very friendly, and a good WOD. Going outside my comfort zone might have been my biggest accomplishment that day.

Okay, back to the competition…. 

The site was about an hour from my house and registration started at 7am. WOD #1 heat started at 8am.  We were in the first heat!

It was an early Saturday morning getting up. I was nervous and couldn’t sleep or eat. (aka: not great for physical performance!) We got to the complex a little after 7 and registered. The facility told us we weren’t allowed to bring in outside food or drink.  But all the competitors and spectators pretty much ignored that rule and carried in their coolers and lunch boxes. 

I had a lunch box with a bunch of random things in it. Frozen Grapes, Bananas, Almonds, Clementines, Lunch Meat, Clif Bar, LaraBar. This was WAY more food than I needed, but i wanted to have options. (not for next time, bring more protein)

WOD #1 was posted one-week prior to the competition, so many people practiced and prepped. WOD #2 and #3 were announced immediately prior to the first heat (although most of the competitors heard rumors of what they would be a few hours before). I mentioned I was traveling and swamped at work, therefore unable to practice for WOD #1…. I was going in cold. (Not literally, there was a very nice warm-up area…. But rather I had no strategy for my lifts and didn’t know what I should hit)

WOD #1 – 8AM : Six minutes to find your 1 RM Bear Complex. There was a mens and a women’s bar. One set of weights. and only one competitor could be on the platform at a time. 

My partner Steve knew from the week prior what he should lift.  So he went first.  When it was my turn I lifted 105# easy.

Screen Shot 2014 09 27 at 10 39 08 AMScreen Shot 2014 09 27 at 10 39 21 AMScreen Shot 2014 09 27 at 10 39 31 AM

Steve lifts again and hits it. My turn again (I thought I’d only get two attempts — so I made a big jump. Turns out, 6 minutes went a lot slower and we had more time).  I lifted 125#. …. I combined the clean and front squat into an easy squat clean. Push Jerk. Back Squat. … It all felt great.  As I went to jerk it off my back, my right elbow didn’t lock out (by maybe 2 inches?!). I brought it back down to my back.  That was strange, my right arm is my dominant arm. I took a deep breath and attempted the jerk again.  No lock out.  Back to the back.  Then I realized.. in my rush, I didn’t put the collars on the bar. My weights were floating around, creating a much less stable lifting environment. Third jerk attempt.  Failed.  As I stood there resting it on my back, I heard my coach Neil say, “Drop it.  Rest a minute”.  He’s always the voice of logic and reason and I knew I needed to walk away from the bar. 

Screen Shot 2014 09 27 at 10 40 15 AM

Dropping the bar means you have to go thru all the movements again. While Steve lifted, I grabbed the collars and put them on my bar. I left the weight at 125#. But now, the weight was in my head.  My squat clean was wobbly. I rushed the back squat. And failed the back jerk.  Out of major frustration (and embarrassment) I dropped the bar. This allowed Steve to make one more lift.

I walked away from WOD #1 — angry, frustrated, embarrassed, disappointed, pissed.

Not a great way to start the day.’

Lessons learned: Find the chalk bucket. Use the collars. Practice before the comp!!

But after 30 minutes or so, I realized that WOD #1 was done and there was nothing I could do about it. So I spent the next 1.5 hrs cheering on my other box-mates as they competed in the Rx field.


WOD #2 – 10AM: 11Min Cap.  Buy-In 800m burdened run (14# WB). Each partner takes turns running 200m. Then it’s an AMRAP for 25 WB sit ups over box. and 25 box over burpees.  20″ box. Scaled allowed to jump or step up.

Steve is a faster runner than me, so I started the run. Most of the other teams had the guys run first.  I got passed by quite a few guys on that first lap. Steve ran his with the girls and made up time for sure. I wasn’t ready to run again, but I did. Then Steve.  We completed the run/buy-in in 1:43.  We worked one-for-one through the sit ups and burpees and got 193 reps.  (Just shy of 4 full rounds).

Being in the first heat, you have no idea if that’s good, great, or bad.  But we were pleased. We had fun and we pushed it. 

The sit ups were super easy for me. Steve loves burpees. So it was a good combo. It was also during the burpees as Steve was being happy and excited that I realized I needed to change my attitude. Rather than cursing burpees while doing them… once I ‘turned my frown upside down’ they were much less painful.

Screen Shot 2014 09 27 at 10 37 54 AM

WOD #3 – 1AM: 12Min Cap.  21-15-9 Front Squat, Hand Release Push Up. Partner #1 completes, 21 front squats. Partner #2 completes 21 FS. Partner #1 completes HRPU. Partner #1 completes 21 HRPU. Etc. Then with remaining time, complete Double Grace (aka: 60 Clean & Jerks.) split reps however you want.  Weight: Men 115, Women 75.

When I heard this WOD, I didn’t think we would complete it in the 12min time cap. We ended up finishing in 11:08!!! I was ecstatic. Turns out some other scaled teams completed this much faster. Although I question the virtuosity of some of the reps.

The Rx teams not only had a heavier weight, they had to do Handstand Push Ups.  Most Rx teams did not complete the WOD.

Screen Shot 2014 09 27 at 10 37 25 AM

All in all, my partner and I ended up in 26th place out of 66 scaled teams.   (21st on WOD 1, 11th on WOD 2, and 19th on WOD 3)

If I had I made my 125# Bear Complex we would have ended in 17th on WOD 1…. and while that is good to know. It’s more important for me to know that I had fun. The day was long (got home around 5pm).  I’ll need to seriously consider if I want to do the next competion (weighing my priorities) but right now… I’m glad that I did the Dynamic Duo.

Screen Shot 2014 09 27 at 10 38 19 AMScreen Shot 2014 09 27 at 10 38 09 AM

The day after (Sunday) I rested. I didn’t stretch or mobilize. Then on Monday and Tuesday I was back int eh box. I fear that was a mistake because my knee  – on Tuesday – started hurting and swelling up. Swelling is SLOWLY going down. I went to 314 on Friday, I moved very slowly. Knee is still a tad swollen this Saturday morning, but not as bad. So today, I’m stretching and taking care of my knee. Fingers crossed it’s just inflamed and I didn’t do any serious re-damage.


Memorial Day 2014

Today is Memorial Day.


A day to observe and remember those who have lost their lives serving our country and protecting our freedoms that we hold dear.


We also honor and remember their families and loved ones


Many CrossFitters around the nation observe this holiday by performing a particularly challenging workout in memory of Lieutenant Michael Murphy who died in June 2005 in Afghanistan.  


If you want to know more about Lt. Murphy, I would recommend you check out his Wikipedia page here.

The WOD first appeared on the CrossFit main site in August 2005. And it goes something like this:


For time: 
1 mile Run
100 Pull-ups
200 Push-ups
300 Squats
1 mile Run

In memory of Navy Lieutenant Michael Murphy, 29, of Patchogue, N.Y., who was killed in Afghanistan June 28th, 2005.

This workout was one of Mike’s favorites and he’d named it “Body Armor”. From here on it will be referred to as “Murph” in honor of the focused warrior and great American who wanted nothing more in life than to serve this great country and the beautiful people who make it what it is.

Partition the pull-ups, push-ups, and squats as needed. Start and finish with a mile run. If you’ve got a twenty pound vest or body armor, wear it.


There were about 60 athletes at CrossFit 314 today. We all wanted to complete the WOD – so there were a few logistics to figure out. I ended up sharing the rig with my friend Nikki (who is incredibly strong and fast). We broke our rep scheme like this:

For 1-10 Rounds 
5 Pull-ups

25 Squats
5 Push-ups

For 11-20 Rounds 
5 Pull-ups

5 Squats
5 Push-ups

This scheme helped to keep your legs “fresh” for the 1 mile run at the end. I don’t know that anything would have helped my legs for that final mile, but it sounded like a good idea.

I used the red band for all my pull ups (fearing I would burn out if i didn’t). And majority of my push ups focused on the negative (strict down and worm up). The pull ups were not bad at all…and push ups were definitely manageable – especially with the squats in between.


The squats on the other hand were tremendously difficult for me. My right leg would dominate and started locking up on me. While my left leg’s quad is still weak and couldn’t keep up very well. Those first 10 rounds of 25 squats felt like they would never end. But the last 10 rounds (5 squats each) seemed to fly by.

Going into the workout, I was most concerned about the runs. This was the first time I had attempted to run more than 800m at one time.

Running the first mile in 9:02… I was pretty stoked! But running/jogging/walking (damned near crawling) the last mile in 17:30…. I was pretty disappointed. But there was no freaking way I was going to quit. As my leg wobbled on me, alternating jog/walk (either 50m or 100m), getting lapped by a few people… who always shouted words of encouragement… I thought about saying I couldn’t run and finishing up with a row. Then I thought about Lt. Murphy…his sacrifice… and countless other men and women who have given the ultimate sacrifice. I know that in their last hours they fought through pain and fear. And while I know the scale is nothing comparable… I have proven to myself that I can do more, and be stronger, than I previously thought I could.

That’s what this life is all about. We need to make ourselves better. For ourselves. For each other. We need to fight through pain and suffering to lift up another. We need to silence the internal demons that tell us to lay down and take it easy and see our commitments through to the end.

Overall, this workout took me 61:02. I had hoped to be under an hour…but it wasn’t in the cards today. But now I know I have a time to beat for next year!

I did it!

Hi there! This post is long over due… We’ve been back from Washington DC for a while now and while I’d say I don’t have anything to blog about. I DO!!

Thanks goes out to my friend Liz for the little nudge tonight!

So, you will recall that when I turned 33 years old, I decided set a few goals for myself. In October I set a goal to get a Muscle Up by my 34th birthday. At the time I thought I needed to give myself 12 months to accomplish this goal. Well, as it turns out I actually needed about 6 months to get up the nerve to actually DO something and WORK towards that goal… it was funny how SAYING I wanted a muscle up was easy, but REALLY WANTING the muscle up was hard.

Over the next 6 months I toyed around with the idea in my head. I played with transitions off and on. I watched my friend Stacy accomplish her first (and second!) muscle up. Then, something clicked. I started talking to one of my coaches – who has an affinity for the rings and gymnastics just as much as I do. I realized that I just needed to stop bullshitting myself and try it. 

So, 6 months later, on April 1st I finally decided to put an action plan to accomplishing my goal. My first attempts were actually pretty close. So close, that I thought that I would have it within a week… well, I didn’t.


I had seen my friends injure themselves while chasing their first muscle up; so I decided to be very regimented. I would only give it 3-4 attempts each time. My elbows started hurting… so I’d back off. But the whole time I was thinking about the muscle up. It became damn near all-consuming. I wanted it so badly.

Coaches and fellow CrossFittters would tell me how close I was. Each one of them offering their bit of advice.

Day in… Day out. Weeks past and I started getting frustrated.

But I thought of my friend Stacy… she was closer than I was for months! and she never once gave up. Every day she thought “this could be the day!”.

So, each time I worked on the muscle up I would video tape myself. This had two purposes.  (1) Watch in slo-mo and critique form and (2) capture the awesome moment on film  [Because let’s be honest, if a CrossFitter doesn’t use social media to document their WOD… did they really WOD?!]

 IMG 6630

Sunday, May 4th. Open Gym Time. I ended up breaking my cardinal rule of 3 attempts. 

I tried a few pulls and didn’t feel it. I worked on various transition exercises. Attempting to drill the muscle memory into my brain. A few more pulls on the rings and I was just about to give up.  

I had been working on the muscle up for nearly 40 minutes. Today was not the day.

A friend, who was watching me while she lifted and had recently mastered the muscle up herself, came over to me. She said: “Kip bigger.”  While I appreciated the feedback, I thought to myself ” I will never get this. Be done. Walk away for the day.  You’re getting tired & frustrated“.  Well, Megan wasn’t done with her pointers. 

She bent over, picked an abmat off the floor. Walked over to my section of the rig and tossed it on the ground. She said: “Find the ab mat”.


You see, as I was pulling up to the rings, I never went up-over-thru-and faced down. 

I took a deep breath and said “what the hell”.


Setting up my grip on the rings, just like the countless times before… I paused. Looked down at the ab mat and said “Find the ab mat”.

Hang…. Swing….. KIP….. and I FOUND THE AB MAT!!

Suddenly I was no longer below the rings. I was on top of them! In the bottom of the deepest dip of my life! (Just like Jesse said). I pushed out of the dip and once I was fully extended at the top. I could not believe it!!

I didn’t want to come down. Then I almost freaked and didn’t know how to come down….  but i did. And as soon as my feet hit the ground I proclaimed “THE AB MAT!” 

I was so excited that for the remainder of open gym I couldn’t do a damn thing. I was giddy. I was almost shaking I was so happy.  

Since then, I’ve had one more successful muscle up. After getting one, it’s almost more stressful because the bar has been raised. I am confident that if I keep working at it… I will be able to string them together in no time.


So, as it turns out… I didn’t need twelve months.  I just needed:

 – 5 months to think about it

– 1 month to get over my fear of accomplishing something (and proving to myself that I could do it).  

 – and 1 month of hard work

“Our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate. Our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure. It is our light, not our darkness that most frightens us. We ask ourselves, ‘Who am I to be brilliant, gorgeous, talented, fabulous?’ Actually, who are you not to be? You are a child of God. Your playing small does not serve the world. There is nothing enlightened about shrinking so that other people won’t feel insecure around you. We are all meant to shine, as children do. We were born to make manifest the glory of God that is within us. It’s not just in some of us; it’s in everyone. And as we let our own light shine, we unconsciously give other people permission to do the same. As we are liberated from our own fear, our presence automatically liberates others.” 
― Marianne WilliamsonA Return to Love: Reflections on the Principles of “A Course in Miracles”

Muscle Ups

This week, on April 1st, I officially decided to start trying for the elusive Muscle Up. I set a goal for myself, back on my 33rd birthday, to have this accomplished by my 34th birthday. I figured, since nearly 6 months have gone by…. I should get a move on. It’s not going to just magically appear one day.

I know I have all the “pieces” of a muscle up… so now I just have to make the magic happen and string them all together.  

Here’s a video from my third day attempts. I’ve also decided to take a note from some of the other girls at the box – who once they decided they wanted to work on their muscle ups, did not stop – and many of them ended up injured.  I allow myself 2-3 solid attempts per day (that I’m at the box) in order to avoid injury and burnout.  I don’t know if this is good or bad, but so far… I’ve had 4 day (11 attempts) and I can feel things already getting better.

Surely it won’t be long now!




I’ve watched my own video, and many others like it, many in slow motion. And I know that I’m not getting up and over and all the way through.  One of my friends, Stacy, who recently got her first muscle up – here’s a screen shot of her awesome transition position.  It really is the worlds biggest, most violent sit up. See how she’s looking down at the ground…. I need to do that.

Screen Shot 2014 04 06 at 5 23 35 PM

And While we’re on the subject, here is Camille from the CrossFit Games.  Slow Motion Muscle up.  My coach tells me that she is very inefficient, but I think it looks beautiful.




2014 CrossFit Open Rx

There are so many reasons I enjoy doing the Open. Namely, it gives me a goal – a benchmark – a measurement of progress.

While many people will measure themselves against their friends, against other members at their box, or against the elite athletes…. we must not forget that we need to measure against ourselves.

I went into the 2014 Open a mere NINE WEEKS after having the medical “all clear” from my orthopedic surgeon. I was not fully recovered (my timeline was more along the 12 months compared to some who see full recovery in 6 months)…. I thought there would be a WOD that I would not be able to complete. 

You see, in the Open you are not allowed to scale the workout. This is the only time in crossfit that we don’t scale. In order to mark your score on the leaderboard, you must do the workout as prescribed.

Now, here I sit, FIVE Weeks later and I completed EVERY. SINGLE. WORKOUT.  As prescribed. 

It’s not a matter of bragging, or a matter of pride, but simply it is an awesome sense of accomplishment. 


Ten months ago, I tore my ACL.
Nine months ago, I underwent extensive reconstructive ACL surgery and meniscus repair.  
Eight months ago, I could barely raise my own straight leg. 
Seven months ago, I could not walk down stairs without holding on to the hand rail. 
Six months ago, I struggled to straighten my leg completely. 
Five months ago, I couldn’t walk a quarter mile on the sandy beach without aches and pains. 
Three months ago, I got the “all clear” to do whatever my body was capable of… ……

Two months ago, I signed up for the 2014 CrossFit Open.
Yesterday, I completed the 2014 CrossFit Open.  



3 new PRs

IMG 6145

This has been quite an exciting week on all fronts. 
So let’s see, on the professional front…. it was my busy week. But through it all I stayed focused and level headed. I made a diligent effort to rise early in the morning so that I would have time to leave (workout) and log back on in the evenings. 
I got my yearly review and raise. Nice to know that my hard work over 2013 was appreciated and I’m being compensated fairly.
On the personal front… I’ve been quite productive.  Last Saturday I sold my 2006 Scion tC. That was a somewhat bitter sweet day. I bought that car, brand new, in February of 2006. She was a good car. But between the Jeep, Escape, Scion, and G’s work Trailblazer… we just had too many vehicles.
Another personal/home front, I filed our taxes this weekend. This is the first year in a few years that we will finally not owe (and Owe a LOT). The past couple years were some freak anomalies…and this year we have a nice small(ish) return coming to us. 
Okay, and the fitness front… holy hell this has been a very exciting week!!
One of my good friends at CrossFit finally got her first Muscle Up!  She has been working on it for many months. She’s seen many other people get their firsts’ in the gym.  She nursed a sore shoulder. But through it all, she continued to try.  Finally… it clicked for her. And I couldn’t be more excited for her!
I’ve got THREE new 1 Rep Max PR’s
 – 156 lbs BackSquat 
 – 105 lbs Strict Press
 – 265 lbs Deadlift  
IMG 6139
The back squat was on Sunday. My left knee/quad is still slowly making gains from the ACL surgery nearly 9 months ago.  I feel like my back squat should be more…but I know I need to be patient, it will come.
The strict press was completed on Tuesday. I know that I could do a 4 reps a 85lbs… so I wasn’t quite sure what to look for in my 1RM. Turns out, 105lbs was it! I had to take two runs at it… funny how 100lbs went up “easy” but adding 5 lbs made it feel so heavy. I didn’t breath right or tighten my core and barely lifted it above my nose.  Taking a breather and re-approaching the bar with all the right form… I got 105 lbs up!
Then on Thursday, I found another PR. This was probably the most shocking. I’ve never really found my 1RM Deadlift. Before the injury i had lifted 170lbs; but during the Open WOD 14.3 I ended up lifting 185 lbs for 19 reps. So, I knew I had to be at least 200-something. Most of the girls I workout with have ~225lb so that’s what I was shooting for…. it went up rather easy. Building up slowly (because I didn’t know where to aim) I kept going. I was ready to stop, so that we could get on with the WOD but my coach decided to have me do it one more time.  He loaded up the bar (I didn’t do the math) and he told me to lift it.  And I did!  265 lbs.  And while it was hard… I do not think it was my MAX effort.  BOOM. 
IMG 6137
IMG 6135
Having these milestone markers will really help me gauge where I am (where I’ve been) and where I am going in the strength department.
And then … there’s the CrossFit Open.  For many people it seems to be getting harder, but for me It’s been getting easier. Considering it started with Double Unders, that’s really the only directly it could go for me.  
Since we only have one more week of the Open remaining, I’ll just wait to post a recap when complete.
Hell of a week, my friends.  I look forward to another great one!
Oh – and Happy Spring! (This is first day of spring 2012, downtown STL)
IMG 6114

Skill of the Week – HSPU

I worked from home today. I could not work from home all the time, but it was nice to stay snuggled up in my comfy clothes with my pups and blanket today.

Blanket was a necessity because it was -10* outside (and therefore only 60* in my house). So with two layers of clothes, the space heater, and a blanket, i finally warmed up around noon.


After work, G and I headed out to 314 for a little WOD action. Highlight of my day… as miserable as it was.

Working on a Strict Press, I lifted 85 lbs x 4. This probably means that my 1RM for strict press is probably 95-ish lbs… which also means, I need to quit wussing out when it comes to HandStand PushUps (HSPU). 

The WOD tonight was 

30 burpees

20 pull ups


20 pull ups

30 burpees


I subbed regular old (good-form!) push ups for the HSPU. See, before my knee injury I was scared of a handstand…but one Sunday I finally conquered that fear. Now, the fear returned… and I have not faced it. Not because I’m more scared, but just because I forget. There are so many movements and so many skills in CrossFit that it can become overwhelming… I am constantly feeling like “oh, i should work on that… and that… and that…. ”  And then I work on one or two (of the things I’m most comfortable with) and forget about the rest.

So, for now, I think I need to be more diligent about assigning my own “skill of the week“. It’s easy at my box to slough through the warm-up.  It’s the same damn thing every day and most of the patrons ease their way through it.  But that is 15 minutes of my time that I can make myself better. So I will.


Source Carrots N’ Cake


CrossFit Open 14.1

Saturday morning I completed the first WOD of the 2014 CrossFit Open. 

Each athlete probably has his or her own reasons for signing up (or not signing up for that matter!) Last year I shared my thoughts and lessons learned from the Open. You can read about them here. I’m excited to participate in my second year of the Open. I’m sure I will expand upon the lessons learned last year as well as pick up some more along the way.

Screen Shot 2014 03 02 at 4 10 38 PM

From Crossfit Games 

So, the first workout… it was brutal… again, every athlete will have to fight it for various reasons. 

Double Unders are my Goat. (one of many). Before my ACL tear, I dedicated a lot of time and energy to this skill. Finally being able to string (almost) 50 DU’s together. Since coming back from surgery, the max I’ve gotten is 8.

It’s probably a combination of not being able to find the rhythm and not being able to jump explosively enough. I look rather “spastic” when jumping…and that wastes a lot of energy.


Going in to the workout, my goal was to get 5 rounds (Some of the super-star athletes were getting 10-ish rounds). I knew that 5 would be a lofty goal, considering my struggles with DU’s. So I devised my strategy. I was going to do a Double-Single mix. PROs: I have this pattern down and can generally string 15-25 together no problem. The fewer times I have to ‘reset’ with the rope the better.  CONs: That is 2x the number of jumps…because the singles don’t count.

Here’s Chris Spealer talking about efficiency:


As for the lift, I was going to just stick with Clean & Jerk. Neil (coach at 314) advised me to do a set split of snatches and clean & jerks. I opted for all all C&J.  During the warm up, I practiced the double-single mix again and it was flowing smooth. I was excited and nervous. Thinking I maybe had a decent shot at the 5-round goal.


“3-2-1… go!” 

For the first round, the nerves got up in my brain and I could not get one double under. Ugh. I kept tripping over the rope. I got the rope all tangled around my right leg. When I finally hit 10 DU… most of the class was already on their bars snatching and C&J’ing. Ugh. I’ve seen this happen to me in the past… we’ve had “double under” competitions and as soon as the pressure is on… i can not jump.

Eventually the 10minute clock ran out. And I had 142 reps (3 rounds + 7) in the books. 

The workout became much more about me focusing on my ability to relax. Which was hard when I couldn’t breathe. But when I wasn’t relaxed, I couldn’t jump. And when I couldn’t jump, I would whip myself with the rope.

IMG 6004

Screen Shot 2014 03 02 at 4 35 17 PM

I’m briefly disappointed with my performance. But I won’t let it last long. After all, I’m only 8 months out from ACL reconstruction (7 months ago I couldn’t lift my own leg). Also – this article offers GREAT perspective for ALL Athletes

 Screen Shot 2014 03 02 at 4 31 06 PM


Today, I’m rolling out my calves and looking forward to 14.2!

Fight Gone Bad

I can’t recall the last time I was so excited to “return to normal”… 

After days and days of snow, extreme cold, and general winterness….. working from home, not daring to drive on the streets, and not going anywhere… it seems we have finally broken the rut.

I was only in the office (aka: leaving the house) on Wednesday and Friday. So it hasn’t made more many exciting blog posts. But I sure have taken a lot of puppy pictures and video over the last week!


IMG 5647

Big snow came on Sunday, more snow came Thursday.  This was our street on Friday morning (it was an icy, mushy mess)

IMG 5660


The past several days I have been also battling some pretty bad headaches, general lethargy, and this morning some major irritable stomach stuff. So, my hope is that this coming week brings a sense of normalcy and I feel better.

Today was a good start on the road to improvement. In my first ever FIGHT GONE BAD. (That’s the name of the WOD that we did).

Fight Gone Bad (FGB) is a key crossfit workout. Many of the WODs are designed with a set number of reps; so athletes can get better, faster, stronger to make them easier. FGB is a set time limit (going for max number of reps). So as you get stronger, faster, better… FGB just gets harder! :0) << I can’t take credit for this theory, since I’ve only done it once. That is definitely Gregg’s line!


3 Rounds, 1 min at Each with a 1 min rest between rounds  = 17 minutes

Here’s a link to the CrossFit main site with the Rx weights. Listed below is how I did today.

WallBalls @ 10#, 10′ target

SDHP @ 45#

Box Step Ups @ 16″ (knee!)

Push Press @ 45#

Row (for calories)

First heat I kept score for my friend Stacy. It’s true what they say… you should ALWAYS volunteer to go first at CrossFit. Watching the suffering only makes you more nervous once it’s your turn!

It was finally my turn and thank goodness for Stacy keeping score for me. 

Round 1 – I thought “WOW, that could almost be a WOD by itself, i’m tired”  (100 reps)

Round 2 – I thought “I need to stop now.”  “No, you need to beat your Round 1 reps b/c Round 3 is really going to suck” (86 reps)

Round 3 – I had no thoughts… I Just. Kept. Moving. (83 reps)

After the end of Round 3 I flopped off the rower (so the next heat behind me could get on) and I took a full minute to recover enough to sit up. I realize as I type this, it sounds like a truly awful experience. But I loved it! 

So, my first Fight Gone Bad… total reps of 269. (Note, the drastic drop of in some reps between rounds. but that last row… I knew I was in the home stretch and gave it EVERYTHING I HAD.)

IMG 5668


The first 13 seconds of this video make me so happy. It was taken Sunday night. Bella bounding in the snow. They had so much fun.



Lesson learned: listen to your body

Tonight’s post is a quickie.

After being snowed in the house since Saturday, I finally made it out to the office and then the box. I don’t know if it was the cold wet weather, the lack of activity, or a curse… But my knee did not feel great today.

Going in to the 314 I told myself, my husband, and my coach that I didn’t feel super great and I would probably scale the WOD. I did scale some… But not enough.

I remember the ortho surgeon telling me that I would have days where I did too much. Just ice, medicate, and learn my limits.

Lesson learned to tell the difference between (a) using muscles I haven’t used in a while that I can push through and (b) rehab soreness than I need to back down from. I must do better next time. I’m disappointed with myself and in pain tonight. Not acceptable.

Keeping my spirits high… Here are a few motivational pictures I’ve come across recently.