Sometimes through the course of this life there may come a point when you decide to go left…when you would have naturally gone right. Or you may decide to say “yes” even though everything that is comfortable and safe would mean that you say “no”. 

Sometimes there are days that alter the trajectory of your life without even knowing it.

But then, there are those days that you KNOW you have made a conscious and deliberate decision to jump. 

The decision to jump doesn’t come easy. You may evaluate it from every angle, questioning whether you have the strength or the ability to stick the landing. The jump is terrifying and thrilling all at the same time.

This is because the jump takes you from the comfortable, familiar path you are on… to uncharted new territory. If it didn’t rattle your nerves just a little bit, then I might question your sanity. It’s okay to be scared when plunging into the new unknown… But once you’ve decided to jump… you must do it with Gusto. You must Live as if there is no other option than Jumping.


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