My own Words of Motivation

This life is a series of winding roads with twists, turns, hills, valleys, and plateaus all along the way. There will come a point in your life when you come across an obstacle so heavy you can’t move it, so big you can’t go around it, and so deep it feels like it’s crushing your soul. While this may sound like pure torture, an obstacle this looming and this large may only be seen, and can only be conquered, by those who dare to dream of a better life.

It’s at these moments, when you’re down trodden and aching and questioning every fiber in your being… that you must awaken the warrior inside of you. Don’t let them tell you that you are not good enough. Don’t let them force you into a state of complacency. Don’t let them dictate the path you take or how far you go on that path. 

You are intelligent. You are kind. And you’re a damn hard worker. You know that you deserve better and when you find yourself questioning what it is that you do with your days… know this… that you must find the passion that burns the fire inside of you.

This life is only worthwhile when you wake in the morning with joy and energy. When you make a difference in your own life and in those around you.

Summon your strength, that you know you have, and size up this obstacle. You can go off the beaten path to trek around it. Or you can mount the side, finding footholds and grip with all your might to climb over it. Or hell, pick that shit up and move it. But most importantly, do not let it stop you. Do not let it hinder your life’s journey. Do not let it define you.

This is the time that you rise above; take that next leap; and make it better.


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