Crossfit Open 16.5

Was My first in completed Open workout. I was busy celebrating Greggs graduation in California. 

Flying out to Cali on Thursday… It’s basically an all day travel day. The wod was announced as I was driving PCH 1.

Friday was the actual graduation. And it was a wonderfully memorable day. Ceremony. Pictures. Eating at the Wharf market. Ending the night watching the sun set into the Pacific Ocean from one of the golf courses in Pebble Beach caked Inn at Spanish Bay. 

Saturday morning I called the local crossfit gym for information on when I could drop in and do 16.5. The guy was a bit of a jerk on the phone. They did it Friday night and didn’t have the room or staff for any drop ins. Saturday we walked the beach and saw many sites including Carmel-by-the-sea. 

Sunday was Easter. We had brunch and drank Prosecco by the reflecting pool

I thought I might try to do the open in the gym on base… But in order to be validated is supposed to be done at an affiliate. Additionally, they only had lifting platforms and prohibited doing the bar. My thrusters would be dropped and the platforms are too small for burpees. 

So I gladly took my DNS and enjoyed my vacation. I’ll eventually do it… because I do like the retest. But it won’t be this weekend. I’m back in a plane ….to denver… For my sisters wedding! 


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