Crossfit Open 16.4

Well it finally came in the fourth week…. A CHIPPER! (My favorite) with some movements I can crush! But the catch (there’s always a catch) it ended with a movement that I’m not great at…

  • 13 min AMRAP
  • 55 DEADLIFTS @155#
  • 55 Wall balls 14# to 9′ target
  • 55 calorie row
  • 55 handstand pushups 

The deadlifts, while many reps, were a breeze. At less than 50% of my 1RM, I wanted to blaze thru them. But my coach (and many people on the Internet) advised to break it up. I did sets of 3, then 2, then 1. Keeping an eye on the clock I slow rolled it and finished around 3:30. 

Taking off my belt and grabbing a swig of water, I moved on to wall balls. Lately I’ve been hitting the 10′ target during class so the 9′ felt pretty good. I broke them up into 5 with little rest between sets. The rests got a little longer when I was in the 35s… But over all felt good. Walking to the rower around 6:57….

I settled in at a nice 910cal/hr or so pace. This was just a mental four minutes. Not hard. In fact, kept myself from burning out or going to quick. It was all about trying to keep my heart rate down…. At 10:52 I got off the rower.

i waited until 11:30 or so to catch my breath and gather my thoughts before kicking up into the handstand. Hands on the smooth kilo plates…. My head came down on the ab mat. I curled up and kupped out. With a full press out… My feet surely crossed the line but didn’t touch the wall…. And I fell away.  I kicked down…. Tried again. Nope. I got so mad I punched the wall…. Flashbacks to last year when I couldn’t do the Hspu. (Then I could not press out. Now I couldn’t find the wall)…. Eventually I gave 5-6 attempts and only completed one rep that counted. And the buzzer went off. 

Literally the first 165 reps felt like nothing for me. A minor inconvenience.  But that ONE  rep for the Hspu was the hardest fought. 

Many of my friends are good at Hspu… And they were weighed down by the first several movements… Only to rise above in the end with more Hspu reps. 

Another ego check at the box…..



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