Crossfit Open 16.3

  • 7min Amrap
  • 10 power snatches (55#)
  • 3 bar MU

I can’t being to tell you how pissed off I was that BAR muscle ups came in the open this year. I have been working so hard on the ring muscle ups (in fact I got 4 consecutive just the other day!)… But I can’t  figure out how to do it on the bar. 

After the announcement was made on Thursday night, I spent so much time watch “how to” videos and visualizing all day Friday. I told myself that I would test on Friday and then allow myself a retest over the weekend. 

Friday evening I get to the gym and I do drills for 30+ minutes. In that time I never came close. I kept doing c2b. But yet if I got one of the light bands I could get up there no problem. One of the coaches said rings require strength but bar is skill. I think they both require a bit of both. 

I had a wonderful suppport system. All my friends offering tips and expressing their confidence in my ability. Unfortunately, I got a pretty nasty blood blister and had to stop drilling. And in the interest of my hands and safety, I decided not to test. 

I stuck around to watch others, and I was so inspiring (and slightly upsetting) to watch athlete after athlete get all the bar MU. Some for the first time!  Most of these athletes can’t do rings but were knocking it out of the park on the bar. 

I went home Friday night and drained the blood blister. Saturday morning it was feeling okay so I decided to test… Hop on the bar and it rips open. And deep under a thick callous. 

So I tape it up and do the prescribed workout. Sunday I came in and did a cardio heavy hero workout… Barely touching a bar.

Monday, I’m out of time. Two hours before scores are due, I tape up my hand and give it a go. Again, surrounded by friends trying to help… I actually started to get high enough to turn over. Lost my grip and landed on my forearm. I hit my chin and bit my lip. And didn’t get a mu. 

I continued trying for 6 minutes and never got one. Frustrated….and a little embarrassed… I know I have another thing on my list of things to work on! 

Part of me thinks, if my hand wasnt torn and I could drill and retest more, then I would have made it.but is wasted time wondering about that now. And I made the decision to protect my hand. 

Almost a week later my hand looks great (it wouldn’t have if I kept going) and 3 days later the forearm bruise is fading. 

…now, I await the announcement of 16.4 tonight.

My “give-afuck-o-meter” seems to be on E…. So I hope I can kick it. 


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