Wonderful Weekend

What a wonderful weekend! Hard to believe it’s already OCTOBER 5th!! Where does the time fly?

Saturday consisted of getting up early and heading to our friends’ house for brunch. But before brunch, the guys did a workout in the basement and the wives (and baby) went for a 2+mile stroll through the Central West End. It was a chilly morning (in the 40’s) and quite breezy. Fall was certainly in the air!

After we got back from our walk, our friends made us brunch. The meal consisted of sausage patties, scrambled eggs with bell peppers and brie, and pancakes.  The pancakes were a specialty… macadamia nut, chocolate chip, coconut, banana bliss. Topped with some boysenberry syrup from Colorado (that was our contribution) and it was a scrumptious delight!!


Gregg needed to go to the library for a few hours to work on a paper. While he studied I went to Lululemon (of course I bought a few things) and then headed home for a nap. Almost a two hour nap in fact. It was so cold in the house, it made for superb napping weather. But once I realized that I was too cold… (60 degrees in the house!) so I had to turn on the heat to take the edge off. October 4th and I turned on the HEAT!  ACK! (turned it off on Sunday…thankfully)

Dinner plans were made to meet up with Kristi & Brian for pizza. Pizza, Beer, Fro-Yo.  Pretty great date night!

So all in all, my day consisted of friends & food  + rest & relaxation!

IMG 7334 

We went to bed relatively early on Saturday night so that sleeping in on Sunday only lasted until 7:15ish. Gregg had more school work to do so my day consisted of running errands and doing all the food prep for the week.  Sprinkled in, mid-day, was another Aerial Yoga class. 

I am totally hooked on Aerial Yoga. I find it fun. and Challenging. And my hips, quads, hamstrings, knees…. ooooh, they love me when I walk outta there!  (This is from a visit a few weeks ago… no pics of me today)

IMG 7145

Gregg tried Aerial Yoga today too! He was a great sport and did really well.  Although, he had a hard time finding center of gravity while hanging upside down….but he is already looking forward to going back!

IMG 7356

Tomorrow, I return to Physical Therapy for some patellar tracking issues. As it turns out, when I recovered from the ACL reconstruction… and was released from PT…. I neglected to continue to work all the little supporting muscles around my knee cap.  Now it tends to lock in place and/or wander around and is wrecking havoc on my knee. My initial eval was last Wednesday. During which she also taped my kneecap in place. I’ve been wearing the tape ever since then… I was told I’d get new tape at my next visit.  This is gonna be nasty.


IMG 7341


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