Dynamic Duo CrossFit Competition

It’s been a while since I’ve blogged.  The month of September is almost done and I’m not entirely sure where it went!  More or less, it looked like this: For two weeks Gregg was in California in school. Then I got to spend a long weekend (five days!) in Colorado with my family. The next two weeks were ridiculously busy with work things.

In the midst of all this I had the opportunity to participate in my second CrossFit competition. It was called the Dynamic Duo. Teams of one male, one female. Originally I did not sign up (with all the travel and such I didn’t feel like I’d be prepped and ready). But a few weeks prior, a friend of mine at the box asked me if I’d join him on his scaled team. His partner was unable to compete. They already registered and paid. So the spot was there for the taking.

I thought about it for a few days… swallowed my nerves… and said yes.

I was nervous that I had not been “training” for it. But realized that it was scaled team. And more than anything, I just wanted to get some more competition experience under my belt.  My first competition was at my own box. Not that it doesn’t count…but there’s something to be said for going to an unfamiliar location and trusting people you don’t know to put together good WODs.

Side note: While in Colorado I did visit a local box Crossfit Salvo. This was my first drop-in to a box. They had a great facility, very friendly, and a good WOD. Going outside my comfort zone might have been my biggest accomplishment that day.

Okay, back to the competition…. 

The site was about an hour from my house and registration started at 7am. WOD #1 heat started at 8am.  We were in the first heat!

It was an early Saturday morning getting up. I was nervous and couldn’t sleep or eat. (aka: not great for physical performance!) We got to the complex a little after 7 and registered. The facility told us we weren’t allowed to bring in outside food or drink.  But all the competitors and spectators pretty much ignored that rule and carried in their coolers and lunch boxes. 

I had a lunch box with a bunch of random things in it. Frozen Grapes, Bananas, Almonds, Clementines, Lunch Meat, Clif Bar, LaraBar. This was WAY more food than I needed, but i wanted to have options. (not for next time, bring more protein)

WOD #1 was posted one-week prior to the competition, so many people practiced and prepped. WOD #2 and #3 were announced immediately prior to the first heat (although most of the competitors heard rumors of what they would be a few hours before). I mentioned I was traveling and swamped at work, therefore unable to practice for WOD #1…. I was going in cold. (Not literally, there was a very nice warm-up area…. But rather I had no strategy for my lifts and didn’t know what I should hit)

WOD #1 – 8AM : Six minutes to find your 1 RM Bear Complex. There was a mens and a women’s bar. One set of weights. and only one competitor could be on the platform at a time. 

My partner Steve knew from the week prior what he should lift.  So he went first.  When it was my turn I lifted 105# easy.

Screen Shot 2014 09 27 at 10 39 08 AMScreen Shot 2014 09 27 at 10 39 21 AMScreen Shot 2014 09 27 at 10 39 31 AM

Steve lifts again and hits it. My turn again (I thought I’d only get two attempts — so I made a big jump. Turns out, 6 minutes went a lot slower and we had more time).  I lifted 125#. …. I combined the clean and front squat into an easy squat clean. Push Jerk. Back Squat. … It all felt great.  As I went to jerk it off my back, my right elbow didn’t lock out (by maybe 2 inches?!). I brought it back down to my back.  That was strange, my right arm is my dominant arm. I took a deep breath and attempted the jerk again.  No lock out.  Back to the back.  Then I realized.. in my rush, I didn’t put the collars on the bar. My weights were floating around, creating a much less stable lifting environment. Third jerk attempt.  Failed.  As I stood there resting it on my back, I heard my coach Neil say, “Drop it.  Rest a minute”.  He’s always the voice of logic and reason and I knew I needed to walk away from the bar. 

Screen Shot 2014 09 27 at 10 40 15 AM

Dropping the bar means you have to go thru all the movements again. While Steve lifted, I grabbed the collars and put them on my bar. I left the weight at 125#. But now, the weight was in my head.  My squat clean was wobbly. I rushed the back squat. And failed the back jerk.  Out of major frustration (and embarrassment) I dropped the bar. This allowed Steve to make one more lift.

I walked away from WOD #1 — angry, frustrated, embarrassed, disappointed, pissed.

Not a great way to start the day.’

Lessons learned: Find the chalk bucket. Use the collars. Practice before the comp!!

But after 30 minutes or so, I realized that WOD #1 was done and there was nothing I could do about it. So I spent the next 1.5 hrs cheering on my other box-mates as they competed in the Rx field.


WOD #2 – 10AM: 11Min Cap.  Buy-In 800m burdened run (14# WB). Each partner takes turns running 200m. Then it’s an AMRAP for 25 WB sit ups over box. and 25 box over burpees.  20″ box. Scaled allowed to jump or step up.

Steve is a faster runner than me, so I started the run. Most of the other teams had the guys run first.  I got passed by quite a few guys on that first lap. Steve ran his with the girls and made up time for sure. I wasn’t ready to run again, but I did. Then Steve.  We completed the run/buy-in in 1:43.  We worked one-for-one through the sit ups and burpees and got 193 reps.  (Just shy of 4 full rounds).

Being in the first heat, you have no idea if that’s good, great, or bad.  But we were pleased. We had fun and we pushed it. 

The sit ups were super easy for me. Steve loves burpees. So it was a good combo. It was also during the burpees as Steve was being happy and excited that I realized I needed to change my attitude. Rather than cursing burpees while doing them… once I ‘turned my frown upside down’ they were much less painful.

Screen Shot 2014 09 27 at 10 37 54 AM

WOD #3 – 1AM: 12Min Cap.  21-15-9 Front Squat, Hand Release Push Up. Partner #1 completes, 21 front squats. Partner #2 completes 21 FS. Partner #1 completes HRPU. Partner #1 completes 21 HRPU. Etc. Then with remaining time, complete Double Grace (aka: 60 Clean & Jerks.) split reps however you want.  Weight: Men 115, Women 75.

When I heard this WOD, I didn’t think we would complete it in the 12min time cap. We ended up finishing in 11:08!!! I was ecstatic. Turns out some other scaled teams completed this much faster. Although I question the virtuosity of some of the reps.

The Rx teams not only had a heavier weight, they had to do Handstand Push Ups.  Most Rx teams did not complete the WOD.

Screen Shot 2014 09 27 at 10 37 25 AM

All in all, my partner and I ended up in 26th place out of 66 scaled teams.   (21st on WOD 1, 11th on WOD 2, and 19th on WOD 3)

If I had I made my 125# Bear Complex we would have ended in 17th on WOD 1…. and while that is good to know. It’s more important for me to know that I had fun. The day was long (got home around 5pm).  I’ll need to seriously consider if I want to do the next competion (weighing my priorities) but right now… I’m glad that I did the Dynamic Duo.

Screen Shot 2014 09 27 at 10 38 19 AMScreen Shot 2014 09 27 at 10 38 09 AM

The day after (Sunday) I rested. I didn’t stretch or mobilize. Then on Monday and Tuesday I was back int eh box. I fear that was a mistake because my knee  – on Tuesday – started hurting and swelling up. Swelling is SLOWLY going down. I went to 314 on Friday, I moved very slowly. Knee is still a tad swollen this Saturday morning, but not as bad. So today, I’m stretching and taking care of my knee. Fingers crossed it’s just inflamed and I didn’t do any serious re-damage.


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