Washington DC – day 1

We are on a quick trip to visit our nations capital. Gregg has been here numerous times, for work, and I have only been here once. At least that’s what my mother tells me…. In fact, I took my first baby steps in this city.

Ok, back to the day. It started at 3am so this is not going to be lengthy. I am pooped.

Wake up at 3 – shower, feed pups (I’m sure they were very confused)
Catch ride from father-in-law to the airport around 4am
Airport security has zero line, arrive at gate 5 ish

We arrived in BWI airport around 9am local time. We hop on a shuttle bus to take us to the Amtrak/MARC (commuter train) station to get into DC. Along the way, Gregg and his sister negotiate a pretty good deal for the four of us to make it straight to the hotel for $60. It ended up being an hour or so drive. I think the train, metro, walk would have been almost two hours… S I think it was worth the money!

Getting to the hotel around 10:30, I thought for sure we would just have to leave our bags at the desk. Fortunately, our rooms were ready so we could head up, unpack,and settle a little. Our room is quite Nice with a full kitchen, living room, bedroom situation. Each of the rooms are on the small side but it is nice for the price (and location!)

Lunch was at the Shake Shack. Burgers, fries,and ice cream. Delish.

After that we found the metro line to take us up to capital hill.

Up until this point, I knew we were in a new big city. But it wasn’t until we rounded a corner and I saw the capital building that I got giddy.

We walked around the Hill. We saw the Supreme Court.

We went into the Thomas Jefferson Library of Congress.

Then we met up with some workers in Senator Clare McCaskills office for a private tour of the capital.

taking a tram from the Hart buildings through the underground tunnels into the capital. The rotunda is under reconstruction, so sadly we couldn’t go in there. The coolest part of the day was when we passed speaker of the house Senator John Boehner’s office and went out on the west facing balcony. This overlooks the national mall and is where the presidential inauguration is held. It was breath takingly beautiful and inspiring. I will never look at pictures of the capital building the same way.

We got to go into the Chambers of the Senate Appropriations Committee meeting room. The members names are on plaques drilled into the table. Here was Mr blunt’s.

In the crypt we stood on a white star that is the exact center of Washington, D.C. All roads lead out from that point under the capital.

Many other amazing sculptures and pieces of American History (too numerous to list) passed before me today.

after the sight seeing was done, we headed back to the hotel. we enjoyed happy hour cocktails and snacks with my sis-in-law and her hubby in the hotel bar. Afterwards, I laid and iced my knee for a bit (we logged about 8 miles of walking today!) . then headed out to dinner.

It was just a little hole in the wall joint. Food was okay, but we are so tired it did not matter. SIL and hubby were headed to a super fancy dinner restaurant – but I was just too dang tired.

We have another very full day ahead of us tomorrow. So I’m going to get some shut eye.

And since I’m typing this from iPad and uploading pics is a pain, here they all are. In no particular order.





















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