No one will be interested in this post other than my mom…

Well hello there.  Do you come here often?

Evidently I do not. 

That’s because I’ve been out living life, being awesome, and forgetting to tell anyone about it!  <HA>


Let’s see, no, I don’t have a muscle up yet. But I am getting closer! I’ve also been working on other goals – fitness/crossfit goals of course – I’ve been able to string 33 double unders together and I finally figured out the kipping handstand push up. It seems like I come out of the box with a new mark of awesomeness. This fine specimen is from Stone to Shoulders and Muscle Up attempts.

IMG 6226


Don’t worry Mom, it’s all healed up and you can’t even tell anymore.

I got another Stitch Fix Shipment!! (Kept two items – black dress and blue blouse)

IMG 6267


Tucker has learned how to sit on the front porch swing (no leash) and enjoy looking at the world. 

IMG 6280


And he also enjoys the outside world from inside the office  (this might be my new favorite picture of him)

IMG 6276

And Bella – well she’s just as adorable as ever. (yes that’s slobber on her punger (aka: snout) from being excited)

IMG 6202

She got a new toy and was showing it how to take a nap on the bed…

 IMG 6265 


Lastly, I’ve been getting more and more ‘lax about my hair. I love how it’s growing long and it’s sort of just doing it’s thing. This is how I wore it to work one day (showered the night before after WOD’ing and slept on it Wet.)  Whatev, that’s how I roll..see how much i care… 

IMG 6220


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