Random Stuff for a Monday

Sunday morning we had brunch with family at our favorite brunch spot. It was a celebration of Gregg’s promotion to Captain (and maybe somewhat of just an excuse to get together) 🙂  I was not prepared for a picture!

IMG 6195

After a long relaxing meal and plenty of good visits we had to turn our day to productivity. 

Food shopping, food prep, laundry, house cleaning, and the like.

We were pretty far behind on laundry (last weeks’ didn’t get folded); I knew it was bad when I was running out of workout gear. We made quick work of the laundry while watching SNL.

IMG 6194

I adore Anna Kendrick.



Around the house, we’ve slowly been doing minor/misc home improvements. Most recent was new blinds in the office. I am just crazy about them.

IMG 6197

Although the calendar says April, the thermostat still says March. We’ve been leaving our bedroom windows open at night which leads to some excessive puppy snuggles.  I don’t mind.

IMG 6182

Tonight, CrossFit workout was pretty intense. It took me nearly 20 mins:

7 Rounds
12 Thrusters (35 lbs)
9 Toes to Bar
200m Run

Rx athletes used 45lbs for the thrusters and carried a 20lb wall ball with them while they ran.

It took me 19mins and 37seconds. Not the fastest, but not the slowest either. And considering that was 1.75miles of running… I’m pretty dang stoked.





I did not try for muscle ups tonight. I worked on the transition and decided to give the arms a rest. 

Have a good night!


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