Muscle Ups

This week, on April 1st, I officially decided to start trying for the elusive Muscle Up. I set a goal for myself, back on my 33rd birthday, to have this accomplished by my 34th birthday. I figured, since nearly 6 months have gone by…. I should get a move on. It’s not going to just magically appear one day.

I know I have all the “pieces” of a muscle up… so now I just have to make the magic happen and string them all together.  

Here’s a video from my third day attempts. I’ve also decided to take a note from some of the other girls at the box – who once they decided they wanted to work on their muscle ups, did not stop – and many of them ended up injured.  I allow myself 2-3 solid attempts per day (that I’m at the box) in order to avoid injury and burnout.  I don’t know if this is good or bad, but so far… I’ve had 4 day (11 attempts) and I can feel things already getting better.

Surely it won’t be long now!




I’ve watched my own video, and many others like it, many in slow motion. And I know that I’m not getting up and over and all the way through.  One of my friends, Stacy, who recently got her first muscle up – here’s a screen shot of her awesome transition position.  It really is the worlds biggest, most violent sit up. See how she’s looking down at the ground…. I need to do that.

Screen Shot 2014 04 06 at 5 23 35 PM

And While we’re on the subject, here is Camille from the CrossFit Games.  Slow Motion Muscle up.  My coach tells me that she is very inefficient, but I think it looks beautiful.





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