Reality Check

Tonight (at CrossFit) I got my first DNF. 

DNF stands for Did Not Finish.


This made me pretty sad and frustrated. The workout was rather unassuming…but I didn’t think it through. Given all of my accomplishments in the past few weeks, I have taken for granted that tomorrow is my 9 month anniversary of the ACL/Meniscus Surgery. I’ve only had the “all clear” for 4 months and I’ve been acting like it’s been 4 years.

Tonight’s class started out with some Strength Training… Back Squats in fact. 

65%, 75%, 85% of 90%
Based off of a 1RM of 156 (that I found last week!) I did: 95 lbs, 105lbs, 120lbs for 7. On the last one (7th) I probably shouldn’t have done it, but I did. I felt a pop/grind (which is not unusual anymore) and stood up with the weight. It counted as a decent rep. Didn’t hurt.

The WOD: “Nancy
5 Rounds of 400m run, OHS (65lbs)
My Scale: 5 rounds of 500m row, OHS (55lbs)


By the end of my 2nd round, I couldn’t stand (straight leg with weight) without a pinging pain in the back of my knee. Something was not right.
As I got back on the row for the 3rd round, my coach (and one of hubby’s best friends) came up behind me and spoke some good sense into me. “We’ve been really smart up until now. We need to keep being smart. Do what you need to do”  (more or less)

I tried to row and couldn’t straighten without ping! of pain. Then and there (just under half way through the workout) I knew what I had to do. I rowed the last 300m of 500m nice and easy. Then spent the remaining of the time stretching. 

After some tylenol, ice, and stretching it is feeling better. I can bear weight on it (standing on one leg) without pain. So I know I did not do damage.


The hardest part of stopping tonight was my ego. A brutal reminder that I am not 100%. A bitter reminder that I have weaknesses. A constant reminder that I can listen to my body and play it smart.

Life is a marathon … Not a Sprint.

I only have one body, I better take care of it! 




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