El Cap-e-tan

WElp, another week has come and gone. How does that happen?

This past weekend, I came down with an old school migraine that put me up for 24hrs+.  But before that (Saturday morning) I completed the CrossFit Open 14.2.  I did about what I was expecting (but that of course left me thinking I could have done more).

10 OHS @ 65#

10 Chest to Bar

10 OHS @ 65#

… and an “almost” Chest to Bar.

I did this in three minutes. The Overhead Squats were tough (haven’t done them since before my surgery) but not unbearable as soon as I remembered to stay tight and hold my form. The chest to bars (like pull ups, just higher) were tough. BUT… last year in the open I got 6… so getting 10 this year, made me happy.

As the never-ending optimist, I wanted to retry this workout on Sunday but my headache just wouldn’t allow me. So I took my 30 reps. 

I think i did fairly well compared to most girls in our box (upper-middle of the pack) but I do NOT understand how the pros were getting several HUNDRED reps.


Tonight was a very special night. Even though Gregg was officially promoted to Captain of the STLFD back in November, the promotional ceremony was tonight.  Gregg (and the other captains) were recognized along with the graduating recruit (new firefighters) class. 

Interestingly, his academy class graduated 8 years ago today. I hold fond in my memories the excitement of that day. Being so proud of him – seeing his dream come true. But also anxious at what the future held.

The past 8 years have brought a lot of excitement and changes…but today, my heart is filled with pride and joy. I had the honor of pinning his new gold badge on him during the ceremony.

IMG 6048

And i know that together, he and I, we can do anything.

IMG 6080IMG 6076

IMG 6066IMG 6060


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