Skill of the Week – HSPU

I worked from home today. I could not work from home all the time, but it was nice to stay snuggled up in my comfy clothes with my pups and blanket today.

Blanket was a necessity because it was -10* outside (and therefore only 60* in my house). So with two layers of clothes, the space heater, and a blanket, i finally warmed up around noon.


After work, G and I headed out to 314 for a little WOD action. Highlight of my day… as miserable as it was.

Working on a Strict Press, I lifted 85 lbs x 4. This probably means that my 1RM for strict press is probably 95-ish lbs… which also means, I need to quit wussing out when it comes to HandStand PushUps (HSPU). 

The WOD tonight was 

30 burpees

20 pull ups


20 pull ups

30 burpees


I subbed regular old (good-form!) push ups for the HSPU. See, before my knee injury I was scared of a handstand…but one Sunday I finally conquered that fear. Now, the fear returned… and I have not faced it. Not because I’m more scared, but just because I forget. There are so many movements and so many skills in CrossFit that it can become overwhelming… I am constantly feeling like “oh, i should work on that… and that… and that…. ”  And then I work on one or two (of the things I’m most comfortable with) and forget about the rest.

So, for now, I think I need to be more diligent about assigning my own “skill of the week“. It’s easy at my box to slough through the warm-up.  It’s the same damn thing every day and most of the patrons ease their way through it.  But that is 15 minutes of my time that I can make myself better. So I will.


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