CrossFit Open 14.1

Saturday morning I completed the first WOD of the 2014 CrossFit Open. 

Each athlete probably has his or her own reasons for signing up (or not signing up for that matter!) Last year I shared my thoughts and lessons learned from the Open. You can read about them here. I’m excited to participate in my second year of the Open. I’m sure I will expand upon the lessons learned last year as well as pick up some more along the way.

Screen Shot 2014 03 02 at 4 10 38 PM

From Crossfit Games 

So, the first workout… it was brutal… again, every athlete will have to fight it for various reasons. 

Double Unders are my Goat. (one of many). Before my ACL tear, I dedicated a lot of time and energy to this skill. Finally being able to string (almost) 50 DU’s together. Since coming back from surgery, the max I’ve gotten is 8.

It’s probably a combination of not being able to find the rhythm and not being able to jump explosively enough. I look rather “spastic” when jumping…and that wastes a lot of energy.


Going in to the workout, my goal was to get 5 rounds (Some of the super-star athletes were getting 10-ish rounds). I knew that 5 would be a lofty goal, considering my struggles with DU’s. So I devised my strategy. I was going to do a Double-Single mix. PROs: I have this pattern down and can generally string 15-25 together no problem. The fewer times I have to ‘reset’ with the rope the better.  CONs: That is 2x the number of jumps…because the singles don’t count.

Here’s Chris Spealer talking about efficiency:


As for the lift, I was going to just stick with Clean & Jerk. Neil (coach at 314) advised me to do a set split of snatches and clean & jerks. I opted for all all C&J.  During the warm up, I practiced the double-single mix again and it was flowing smooth. I was excited and nervous. Thinking I maybe had a decent shot at the 5-round goal.


“3-2-1… go!” 

For the first round, the nerves got up in my brain and I could not get one double under. Ugh. I kept tripping over the rope. I got the rope all tangled around my right leg. When I finally hit 10 DU… most of the class was already on their bars snatching and C&J’ing. Ugh. I’ve seen this happen to me in the past… we’ve had “double under” competitions and as soon as the pressure is on… i can not jump.

Eventually the 10minute clock ran out. And I had 142 reps (3 rounds + 7) in the books. 

The workout became much more about me focusing on my ability to relax. Which was hard when I couldn’t breathe. But when I wasn’t relaxed, I couldn’t jump. And when I couldn’t jump, I would whip myself with the rope.

IMG 6004

Screen Shot 2014 03 02 at 4 35 17 PM

I’m briefly disappointed with my performance. But I won’t let it last long. After all, I’m only 8 months out from ACL reconstruction (7 months ago I couldn’t lift my own leg). Also – this article offers GREAT perspective for ALL Athletes

 Screen Shot 2014 03 02 at 4 31 06 PM


Today, I’m rolling out my calves and looking forward to 14.2!


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