My oh my… where does the time fly…


The month of February has been such a whirl wind. I wish i would have done a better job at documenting these days on the ol’ blog. Let’s see here’s a quick recap.

Feb 7-10: Family Reunion & Great Grandma’s 94th Birthday Celebration in Texas

Screen Shot 2014 02 28 at 7 37 48 PMScreen Shot 2014 02 28 at 7 38 14 PMScreen Shot 2014 02 28 at 7 38 33 PM

Feb 11: I registered for the CrossFit Open

Screen Shot 2014 02 28 at 7 40 16 PM

Feb 12: Finally made it back to the gym after a 6 day hiatus


Feb 14: Friday night date night at our friends’ house. They used to be our neighbors but adding two kids to the family they out grew the home and had to move a whopping mile away. Double date night at their house (with kiddo).. munching on gyros and telling stories around the dining room table. Nothing fancy, but i felt like it was a great way to celebrate the day.

Feb 18: Super busy work week… many long hours. Made Protein Pancakes + Spinach for dinner.  Super Yum.


Feb 21: Monthly Massage time.

Feb 22: #teamquadzilla is born


Feb 22: Last minute invite to the Responder Rescue Kings Ball

Screen Shot 2014 02 28 at 7 42 32 PM

Feb 24-28: Full week of getting into the office between 6:30-7am.  Which meant I was able to make the 5pm CF class and have an extra hour in the evening at home with hubby & pups.

Feb 26: Logged 30mins (and 2 miles) on the treadmill. Interval walk/jog-run. Realizing that once I got the “all clear” in December, I probably backed off of my PT too much. I do NOT have the running capacity (in my knee, quad, hammy) to run longer than 1mins. Going forward, I will be implementing at least one (if not two) nights of running into the weekly workout sched. Either treadmill/track time explicitly and/or running 400m for the CF warm up.

Overall, I made it to the box 16 times in February. Considering I was on vacation/travel for 4 days, has a massage 1 day, and had to work a 14 hr day one day… it’s not too shabby. My knee is coming along ‘ok’… I get sorta impatient but I know my own PT is what will make it better. I’ll do a write up on that separate one day.  It’s been 8 months since surgery… hard to believe.

IMG 5996

Tomorrow is my first CrossFit Open workout of 2014. Dubbed 14.1.  I’m excited, nervous, and anxious all at once.


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