Two Weeks Away…

This Winter Just Won’t Stop. We are expecting another snow storm… Dept of Transportation has issued a ‘no travel advisory’

IMG 5875

Wow… I can’t believe I’ve let almost two weeks pass without blogging.  Well, actually I guess I can.

The first week (the week immediately following the CrossFit Invitational), I fell victim to the head/chest cold. All I wanted to do was sleep. I was so exhausted and it was also my busy week of the month at work. I didn’t get to workout for a week. Everything I did revolved around sleeping, coughing, blowing my nose, or sleeping some more. Not very sexy blog topics.

The second week… I’ve finally started feeling better. Though the chest cough persists.

To make up for lost time at the gym, I went almost every night of the week (other than Wednesday b/c I had a hair appointment). It was a rocky start getting back to it.  I definitely felt weak at the beginning (combo of being gone for 7 days + recovering from cold)…. but by the end of the week I was feeling great!

One night a coach at 314 asked how long I’d been working on levers. He thought it was 6 months or so… when in fact it’s been just over two! I’ve made some awesome progress.  I hope to snap a picture/video again soon.


Two days off (Sunday & Monday) and I’m ready to get back to it tomorrow!

IMG 5869

By the way… after three long visits to the dentist, mission “Remake my Smile” is complete!  Here’s the before/after:


IMG 5882


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