Spectator at a CrossFit Competition & Ring Work while Sick

WEll, … this past weekend was incredible. It was the first CrossFit competition that I’ve attended as a spectator (no competing for me and I was there all day). It was a bit different, not being one of the athletes out on the floor… but it was just as exciting. 

Waking up I had a nervous stomach for my husband and friends that were competing. Being at the box from 7:45am to 5:30pm made for a long day…but it was totally worth it. 

Seeing my friends make new PRs, pull heavy tires they couldn’t move before, and just fighting through the pain… all while having fun! it was so inspiring. Some of my favorite moments were in the final seconds of each WOD (or each heat) as the whole room would erupt in cheers. It didn’t matter if the athletes in lane 4 were from your box or not… you would cheer for them.

It was the first competition for many of my friends and I am just so proud of all they did. The sense of community is empowering. And I can not wait until next year when I’m in competition mode again!

Sunday, I came down with the head/chest cold that seems to be going around. So, now, I’m hopped up on DayQuil and plan to go back to bed… gotta get this body healed up quick!

Check out the photos on CrossFit 314 Facebook Page.

 IMG 5864

Before the sickness took over on Sunday, Gregg and I were running open gym. We were the only ones there (other than a few folks who came to pick items up that were left on Saturday). I can’t say that I blame them… they all worked hard on Saturday! Since I was feeling under the weather I just played around on the rings and did some squats. Feeling out my new Oly shoes and taking care to build up those muscles around the knee!

Here’s a video of a little ring action. I can usually get 5 in a row… but i just sort of stalled out… and i’m trying to minimize the pike (the first one looks good)


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