Fight Gone Bad

I can’t recall the last time I was so excited to “return to normal”… 

After days and days of snow, extreme cold, and general winterness….. working from home, not daring to drive on the streets, and not going anywhere… it seems we have finally broken the rut.

I was only in the office (aka: leaving the house) on Wednesday and Friday. So it hasn’t made more many exciting blog posts. But I sure have taken a lot of puppy pictures and video over the last week!


IMG 5647

Big snow came on Sunday, more snow came Thursday.  This was our street on Friday morning (it was an icy, mushy mess)

IMG 5660


The past several days I have been also battling some pretty bad headaches, general lethargy, and this morning some major irritable stomach stuff. So, my hope is that this coming week brings a sense of normalcy and I feel better.

Today was a good start on the road to improvement. In my first ever FIGHT GONE BAD. (That’s the name of the WOD that we did).

Fight Gone Bad (FGB) is a key crossfit workout. Many of the WODs are designed with a set number of reps; so athletes can get better, faster, stronger to make them easier. FGB is a set time limit (going for max number of reps). So as you get stronger, faster, better… FGB just gets harder! :0) << I can’t take credit for this theory, since I’ve only done it once. That is definitely Gregg’s line!


3 Rounds, 1 min at Each with a 1 min rest between rounds  = 17 minutes

Here’s a link to the CrossFit main site with the Rx weights. Listed below is how I did today.

WallBalls @ 10#, 10′ target

SDHP @ 45#

Box Step Ups @ 16″ (knee!)

Push Press @ 45#

Row (for calories)

First heat I kept score for my friend Stacy. It’s true what they say… you should ALWAYS volunteer to go first at CrossFit. Watching the suffering only makes you more nervous once it’s your turn!

It was finally my turn and thank goodness for Stacy keeping score for me. 

Round 1 – I thought “WOW, that could almost be a WOD by itself, i’m tired”  (100 reps)

Round 2 – I thought “I need to stop now.”  “No, you need to beat your Round 1 reps b/c Round 3 is really going to suck” (86 reps)

Round 3 – I had no thoughts… I Just. Kept. Moving. (83 reps)

After the end of Round 3 I flopped off the rower (so the next heat behind me could get on) and I took a full minute to recover enough to sit up. I realize as I type this, it sounds like a truly awful experience. But I loved it! 

So, my first Fight Gone Bad… total reps of 269. (Note, the drastic drop of in some reps between rounds. but that last row… I knew I was in the home stretch and gave it EVERYTHING I HAD.)

IMG 5668


The first 13 seconds of this video make me so happy. It was taken Sunday night. Bella bounding in the snow. They had so much fun.



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