Lesson learned: listen to your body

Tonight’s post is a quickie.

After being snowed in the house since Saturday, I finally made it out to the office and then the box. I don’t know if it was the cold wet weather, the lack of activity, or a curse… But my knee did not feel great today.

Going in to the 314 I told myself, my husband, and my coach that I didn’t feel super great and I would probably scale the WOD. I did scale some… But not enough.

I remember the ortho surgeon telling me that I would have days where I did too much. Just ice, medicate, and learn my limits.

Lesson learned to tell the difference between (a) using muscles I haven’t used in a while that I can push through and (b) rehab soreness than I need to back down from. I must do better next time. I’m disappointed with myself and in pain tonight. Not acceptable.

Keeping my spirits high… Here are a few motivational pictures I’ve come across recently.





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