Gator – Hero WOD Revisited

Today is a Super Snow Day.

IMG 5616


St. Louis has been buried in nearly a foot of snow over the past 20 hours. And now, 30-45mph winds are coming which will drop our “feels like” temperature to -700 degrees (or something ridiculously cold). Gregg has been working but I’ve been able to stay home with the pups. 

IMG 5614


It’s been a very low key day for me. Cooking, Reading, Napping, Working. 

I realize now, at 10pm, that I could have used this time to do some cleaning (finish some of those projects I started while on break). But I didn’t. Oops.

Tomorrow I’ll be working from home…and I can already feel my cabin fever setting in.


So let’s talk about something more fun… yesterday’s CrossFit WOD!

I had the opportunity to revisit a hero WOD. So, it’s rather fitting that my first official hero WOD was also the first Hero WOD that I repeated! Let’s see how far I’ve come in one year.

The first time I did “Gator” was on January 12, 2012. 

 Knowing that my squats are not “there” yet, I scaled the weight back. I practically did the same weight as last year. I’m not sure I could have done much heavier… not yet.

The Ring Push-Ups are the Money Maker in this WOD. And They. Will. Ruin. You.

This time, our coach advised on appropriate scales. We could use bands to ease the work load and he also suggested that while the guys should do all 26 pushups, the girls could scale to 13. Then he proceeded to say “unless you’re Kristin and you are a Ring Master…She might want to think about doing 26

Awwww, no…

During the warm up my push ups (on the rings with no bands) were feeling strong. So I picked up that gauntlet he threw down and said “let’s do this”



IMG 5608

Round 1: Using Red Band for support… did 26 push ups. It hurt so good.

Round 2: Using Red Band… did 10 push ups. And it started to get into my head that others were going so much faster than me (most of the class was women). I did three more push ups with the red band and headed back to squats.

Round 3: Using Red Band… knocked out 8 push ups. Stood up and snagged the purple band. Banged out 5 more to finish the round

Round 4: [uh-oh… i forgot to move my counter the first three rounds, goodness i hope this is really number 4].  13 pushups using both red & purple

Rounds 5-8: 13 pushups each. using both red & purple. [many of these rounds were ‘broken’ but i never got down to doing 1 at a time]

For **every single round** I stayed on my toes. Not once did I drop to my knees or “worm” my way up. Jesse (coach) would yell in my ear to keep form… even working the external rotation at the top of the press.  Click on the picture below to watch a great video of Carl & Kelly talking about this ..

Screen Shot 2014 01 05 at 10 03 52 PM

Finishing in 13:50… I feared I may have sandbagged. Looking back, I know the squat weight was good…but I should have done somewhere in between 13-26 pushups. 

It’s hard to really compare Saturdays’ performance to one from a year ago…but the fact that I stayed ON the rings is testament to my improvement. Nearly 5 minutes faster is negligible considering I only did 117 push ups (vs Rx of 206).


It’s exciting to see how far I have come!










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