New Years Goals

I’m not much for New Year’s Resolutions. But I do enjoy setting New Year’s Goals for myself. So…let’s check in on my 2013 Goals and set some new ones for 2014!


I did not do so great on my 2013 goals. But, the year threw me some curve balls and I was literally physically unable to do many of them. I will not let that discourage me.

Screen Shot 2014 01 02 at 8 33 36 PM


  • do 1 unassisted pull up << DONE!!! In fact, I got 10 kipping pull ups.  (Now on to a Strict Pullup, See 2014 Goals)
  • handstand walk << Nope… not yet
  • run 1 mile in 7:30min <<< Nope… dang ACL
  • run half marathon (?) <<<< Triple Nope


  • blog 20x per month << Nope. My best months were Jan/Feb @11 each.  Worst months were May/Dec @2 each
  • take more pictures << Check! Subscribing to the iCloud has helped free up much more room on my phone for more pictures!
  • volunteer 1x per month << Negative. I did 3 volunteer projects. That’s not even 1 a quarter!
  • be free of credit card debt (so close!) << Hip-Hip-Hoorah!  Yes, this one is done. And baby it feels so good.
  • save $xxx << i have a specific number, just not putting it out here << Nope. A drastic reduction in income and extra medical expenses stood in the way here.
Screen Shot 2014 01 02 at 8 39 19 PM
And now… time for my 2014 Goals…..


  • do 3  strict pull ups (this should be done by 34th birthday!)
  • do 1 Muscle Up (also, to be done by 34th birthday!)
  • get 50+ double unders.  (pre surgery i was at 47. now, post surgery i’m at 8)
  • deadlift bodyweight x1.5 (pre surgery my 2 Rep Max was 170lbs) 
  • get back to running (comfortably with knee…maybe a 5k?)
  • try yoga a few more times (bikram sounds awesome)
  • and most importantly.. NO MAJOR INJURIES!!!!

Personal: (let’s try some of these again – with a slightly lower bar!)

  • blog 10x per month
  • volunteer 1x per quarter
  • complete the 365grateful project for myself
  • get mail organized and keep it that way
  • save 2+ month’s salary
  • take a girls trip with my mom and/or visit family
  • make more dinner/lunch dates with friends & other couple friends

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