Recap of 2013

Wow… what a year!! There have been some serious HIGHs and some big time LOWs.  When I look back on 2013…these are the things I will remember. And I think I’d like to do a post like this later that includes all of my CrossFit milestones…. 


Wrapped up the Whole30. It was an incredible experience. I have a new appreciation for food & health in general. I contemplate doing Whole30 again, but eating strict Paleo is much more long term solution.

 IMG 3566

Gregg & I built a Handstand Snowman

 IMG 3561

Completed by first Hero WOD


Volunteer Orientation at Stray Rescue with my friend Kristi. We got to walk a few dogs. I enjoyed it so much, and didn’t take any pups home. I didn’t make it back the rest of the year, it’s not in a great spot of town (I shouldn’t be down there by myself and Gregg can’t bear the thought of seeing the dogs without a home). 

IMG 3645



Mardi Gras Beer Tasting with the in-laws. It was a Christmas gift from father in law. The party was in the St. Louis City Hall Rotunda (where Gregg and I were wed). 

IMG 0011

Free tickets to see Lady GaGa (for a 2nd time) from a private box. They were from my employer as recognition.

IMG 3643

Trip to Texas with my mom & step dad. Lots of time spent with my extended family for my Great Grandma’s 93rd birthday and family reunion. Lots of pictures and good times. This is one of my favorite… hands of my Great Grandma (teal sleeve), Aunt Char (going clockwise), Me, Mom, Cousin Sam, Aunt Lisa, Grandma Kenna.

 IMG 3696

IMG 3699

IMG 3755


I had the opportunity to attend “Transition to Managmenet” week long class at the Leadership Center. It was tough being away from home but I really enjoyed the time of reflection and energy I got from the classes. Oh, and I also got to try a workout machine called ‘Jacob’s Ladder’

IMG 3856

We got a pretty big Spring Snowstorm. Tucker was playing with his safety beacon…

IMG 3899


I participated in my First CF Competition. It was at CF314 with two other local boxes. My team placed 5th out of 11 and we had a great time

IMG 3826IMG 3816

Gregg and I set Pete the Pig out at Ted Drewes.

IMG 3878IMG 3879



I competed in, and completed, the 2013 CrossFit Open. I learned a lot about CrossFit during this time, but even more about myself. Ranking 5th at our local Box.

Screen Shot 2014 01 01 at 12 51 09 PM


Even though I wasn’t training for a run I completed the Go! St. Louis 5k

IMG 3923



Visited my favorite Winery – Chandler Hill – with Brooke. She relocated to Texas for her job and I miss her terribly. It was a busy day at the winery and they ran out of chillers… we know how to stay classy.

IMG 4030IMG 4028

May 15, 2013 – goofing off during CrossFit Workout – I tore my left ACL and meniscus. (No picture). We were testing our jump measurements… running long jumps should always plant with BOTH feet!

 Caught a few baseball games..

IMG 4071


Trying to find the joy in the little things… my hydrangea plant produces the most monstrous flowers.

IMG 4102

A few trips to the pool too:

IMG 4140

June 25, 2013 – Surgery for ACL Reconstruction and Meniscus Repair. Tucker was worried about me…but i was in the loving care of my mom, husband, and pups.

IMG 4142



Lots and lots of Knee Recovery. Lots and lots of Knee Pictures.

I took some time off work and then worked from home for several weeks. It was during our busiest time of the year and I was out of the office for almost 4 weeks. I will not repost all the knee pictures.



We took Tucker for a ride in the Jeep to Ted Drewes. 

IMG 4451

I learned to embrace the GYMNASTICS portion of CrossFit and started dabbling on the Rings.

IMG 4377

Gregg’s BDay was low key and more pool time…

IMG 4427



Over labor day weekend (August/September) we took a trip to Colorado. Gregg completed a race called the Ascent while I spent lots of time with my mom.

IMG 4493

Along with several other volunteers we painted St Louis Fire Department headquarters parking lot, fence, and training tower. The project was organized my The Mission Continues.

 IMG 4636



We took our annual Trip to Mexico.  Dreams Puerto Vallarta.

IMG 5147

IMG 5144


Sharp Shootin at the Range

IMG 5184

Set Goals for 34th Birthday!



Attended The Mission Continues Gala.  Met Jon Stewart. 

IMG 5237

Saw Justin Timberlake in Concert

IMG 5341

We wait late into the night… who’s mail delivery comes at 730pm?!  But we get the results from the Captains text. Gregg is #9. This is huge.



In the quickest turn of events… Gregg’s promotion is made.

Screen Shot 2014 01 01 at 1 15 48 PM 

I take advantage of the break from work (nine days off) to clean house, clear out closets, and get lots ready for donation. Here is my shoe graveyard:

IMG 5536

For Christmas, Gregg got me two wonderful gifts. Strikingly different, but both perfect for me. A Strand of Pearls from the Jacqueline Kennedy designs. And a pair of Reebok Olympic Weightlifting Shoes. I’m equally excited for both!

IMG 5527 

My Biggest Accomplishment – Keeping my Head on right during the ACL tear, pre-hab, reconstruction surgery, and rehabilitation. In 2013, I became a CrossFitter.

Screen Shot 2014 01 01 at 1 26 30 PM

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