Hey Future Self… Stay Motivated!

I’m sure you were all waiting, with baited breath, what happened today. Well, my darling hubby (who scored 9th on the STLFD Captain’s exam — hint hint) was officially promoted captain!!! There were so many days and nights spent studying. Housework that may have gone by the wayside, Workouts that didn’t get done, and Date Nights (and Brunches) over flashcards.  And all of that hard work paid off!! I was not invited to today’s ceremony, but I look forward to one in the near future that family is invited to.

 Screen Shot 2013 12 03 at 8 32 09 PM

Now…back to ME! 

Just over one year ago I thought I was a fit person. And I was… all things considering. After all, I was healing from meniscus tear repair (that I tore while training for a half marathon). I practiced yoga, did workout DVDs, and spent long hours on treadmills, ellipticals, and stair masters.

Then I started CrossFit.

Granted, I’ve had my set backs (two months into it – major ankle sprain; 6 months into it – ACL & meniscus tear!). But through it all I’ve learned to eat much healthier (Whole30!) and stay focused on the things I can do… keeping my body moving through the surgery pre-hab and re-hab!

These are my one year progress pictures. It’s hard to believe they are both me. When I look at them, a small part of my brain thinks “jeez, think how really great these would be without those injuries!” … then the sensible part of my brain kicks in and says “damn, girl! you look good!”

So… I don’t post these as a fish for compliments. I don’t post these to get any internet stalkers for my hot bod. But, I do post these so that I will remember what one year of hard work and focused dedication can do. And just maybe the inspiration will strike another.

I have no doubt that life will continue to throw me curve balls. Try as I might, I’m sure I’ll get injured again (fingers crossed not!) and I’m sure I’ll get busy with work, life, and living. But I absolutely hope that I will remember how happy I am right now. Not just with my physical state but with my overall being.







One thought on “Hey Future Self… Stay Motivated!

  1. i’ll internet stalk you. you look foine. you look tighter in all the spots i want to look tighter. feminine but tight hips, that’s an impressive feat.
    and i love that you did flashcards together for dates. that got an “awwww” from me in my head. not out loud because i have to keep up my tough exterior.

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