Thanksgiving 2013

Yesterday was Thanksgiving. 

IMG 5398

Gregg has to work 24 hrs at the firehouse, but that didn’t stop me from enjoying some family time.


Seeing Gregg off in the morning, from my bed & underneath the covers…. I went back to sleep. I logged just over 9 hours of sleep It was rather glorious.

Screen Shot 2013 11 29 at 9 01 11 AM

Although, sleeping in also meant I was running a tad late for the open gym/WOD at 314. It was open gym from 9-11 but they posted a “Thankskiller” WOD for those that wanted to earn their dinner.

Original WOD posted at Crossfit 314

Screen Shot 2013 11 29 at 9 02 58 AM


I couldn’t do it as prescribed, but I wanted to do some form of the chipper. I had to shorten it (again, since I was late) but it was a good sweat session regardless. I named my mod WOD “Gobble’s Wobble”… 

IMG 5397

IMG 5392

Thanksgiving dinner was spent at Gregg’s uncle’s house. All his family was there. I’m so glad that I feel like I can be comfortable and belong in their home without him there. We’ve been together a while and I truly feel like they are family.  Plus, this year as things worked out, I moved up to the “big” table. Gregg was missing out.

After dinner I got to go visit Gregg at the firehouse. I was only there for 20 mins or so and they caught a run. Watching him slide down the pole and hop into the Captain’s seat as they drove off… I am so proud of his hard work and dedication. Even though I “know” what he does at work… I often try not to think about it. Otherwise I might go crazy with worry.

Oh! And I almost forgot to mention my very exciting achievement on Wednesday!! I got off work just a few hours early (flex time from working the weekend prior) and headed to the company gym. This is the third time that I’ve gone. … Gettting on the treadmill and trying to tackle my mental demons. 

I warmed up on the “Air Stride” (It’s like an elliptical but with more free range motion) for 10 minutes or so. Getting off of the machine my legs felt a little funny (aka: weak!) but I headed straight to the treadmill. It doesn’t sound like much… but it was a HUGE SUCCESS in my book!

Screen Shot 2013 11 29 at 8 55 25 AM


And now… as I sit here and enjoy my coffee and Christmas Tunes… I think I’ll do some online Black Friday shopping.



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