i’m still here… doing awesome things….

….but not remembering to take pictures.

The past twenty days have been a blur. So much has gone on. I’ve had lots to do and many nights with some great thoughts but I haven’t felt creative enough or energetic enough to write. Many of these things are/were blog worthy and I don’t want to forget them.

Let’s see…this isn’t even in chronological order because I’m too tired to think.

IMG 5258

 – Took a selfie with a bald eagle

 – My Business Trip to Philadelphia

 IMG 5284

– Gregg’s two weeks (1 of 4) in D.C. at EFO

IMG 5368

 – My 1 year anniversary of CrossFit

IMG 5391 

– Five months post ACL reconstruction

 – Another attempt at “running”… got a shuttle scoot across the gym

IMG 5393

 – Gregg’s letter with the results from the Captain’s test came in the mail (#9!!!!!)

 IMG 5341

– Saw Justin Timberlake Concert!

 – First attempt at lever work on the rings


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