Giving of Thanks

In years past I’ve seen several friends post daily statements about things for which they are thankful… each day for the entire month of November. I thought I would join in the “Be Thankful Challenge”.  If you would like to join me, each day think of what you are thankful for… jot it down (in your journal, twitter, Facebook, blog, or an email to a friend… it doesn’t matter!)

Day 1 – I am thankful for birthday surprises.

IMG 5210

Allow me to explain. Friday was a long day in the office…actually, it was just a long week. It was full five days back after a fabulous vacation. By the end of the week I was completely drained.


The week itself was rather eventful with my birthday, tour of a veterans residence home, dentist appointment, hair appointment, three visits to CF314, and halloween! Friday night was a rather easy night, it was my third visit to CF314. 

I was there for almost two hours. I continued working on my muscle ups… moving to the rings to see if it feels any easier. I certainly kip better on the rings, but the (in)stability that I may encounter at the top of the rings has me nervous. Afterwards, I had a two part WOD. 

(Hand maintenance is critical!!!)

IMG 5213

#1 WOD – While the 6pm class was doing the prescribed CrossFit Endurance WOD (aka: RUNNING!) I did the same PT-style workout that I did on Wednesday. Only this time I didn’t go back in reverse order (it was just 2 rounds straight through) and I shaved 2 minutes off of the time.

#2 WOD – I joined the 6pm class for some flutter kicks, deadlifts (I subbed ring rows) and hollow rocks. My core & legs are quivering!

IMG 5219 IMG 5218

Once I got home, I saw a package on the doorstep!! Even though my birthday was Monday… seeing a birthday present on Friday was exciting! I know it’s from Lululemon (from the packaging) but I still haven’t opened it.  I’m waiting to FaceTime with my mom 🙂

IMG 5212

I always know when the delivery man knocks on the front door…. the door mat & vent cover are not where they belong and in two completely different directions. My guard dogs do their job!

IMG 5216

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