Lucky 33

Today, October 28th, seemed like every other Monday.

I woke up, hit snooze 4 times, and finally rolled into the shower. Finding my energy in my pumpkin coffee, I arrived in the office to work my 8 hours. A friend was in town on business trip and we went out to grab a quick lunch (nothing fancy – Lion’s Choice) between meetings.

This afternoon I coordinated a tour of the Salvation Army Veteran’s Residence downtown.

This evening, I worked out at CrossFit 314.

Tonight, I made protein pumpkin pancakes and had a glass of Malbec wine while listening to the St. Louis Cardinals play in World Series Game 5 on KMOX radio.


What set today apart from other days???  I was showered with love and birthday wishes from all my friends and family. I enjoy hearing from all of them and wish that I had more time in the day to keep in touch with each and every one of them on a more frequent basis.

Since G had to work today, we did much of my celebrations yesterday.

Although we refilled the fridge (pre vacation emptiness on the left, post shopping trips on the right!)

IMG 5186

The night ended with Ted Drewes Pumpkin Pie Custard.

IMG 5188

Proceeded by Chicago-style deep dish pizza (cheese, meat, crust… on top of more cheese meat and crust!).



We worked up our hunger at the shooting range. This was the first time I’ve shot this pistol and I think I did alright. 

IMG 5178IMG 5184

Good shooting’ Tex.


PS – I think our puppies missed us…they have to be ‘touching’ us at all times… 

IMG 5154IMG 5157IMG 5158


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