Mexico Recap and Goals for a 33 year old



I’m working on a video/photo montage to recap our trip… we had a wonderful time. And most of the 7 days (total vacation was 9 days, but I’m excluding the two travel days) were pretty much mirror images of each other. Other than the day that I had to ice my knee by the pool… our days looked like this.


Sleep in until 8am

IMG 4873

Breakfast at Oceana around 9am

IMG 4943

Lay by the infinity pool or under a beach hut until sometime mid-day. Laying out, reading, drinking, sleeping.

IMG 4926

Maybe workout, maybe don’t (G did much more)

IMG 4914IMG 2388

Lunch was usually a ProBar or something from the lobby snacks.

IMG 4923

Hang out in the infinity pool, drinking, making friends, sleeping.

IMG 4975IMG 4884

Random activities for Gregg (Ping Pong, Beach Soccer, Rock Climbing)

IMG 4877IMG 5114IMG 4907

Watch the sunset (From either pool or beach)

IMG 0049

IMG 5035

Head up to room, soak in hot tub, shower and get ready (we didn’t take any dinner pictures!)

IMG 4956


Dinner around 930pm (again, failed at any shots of us all dressed up)

IMG 4986

IMG 4936

All in all, we had a WONDERFUL time.  But, you can see how that would not make for exciting blogging. But it does make for a very relaxing vacation! there were several days at the beginning that I struggled. I wanted to do more than layout. I did try to take several walks on the sand and yoga. And that disabled my knee for a day. My mind is in a different place, this year I longed to participate in more activities. So it took some mental work, but I soon embraced the R&R.


Change of topic: Goal Setting Time

Prior to my 34th Birthday (exactly one year from today) I want to be able to:

  1. Have 3 Strict, Perfect Form Pull Ups
  2. Have 1 Muscle Up

During open gym today, I got started on this goal. I will try to give regular recaps of my progress.  Here’s the beginning baseline:

  1. 3 Strict Pull Ups, Blue Band
  2. Skill work on Bar MU. Getting chest ‘over’ and not ‘to’ the bar. Using Blue & Red bands.

I have a long ways to go… this will be a fun journey!


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