Quick Trip out West

This week I took a quick business trip to San Diego to meet with a subsidiary that is experiencing some financial difficulties. We also ended to enhance our face to face relationships with the employees there. 

Traveling from St. Louis to San Diego… it’s difficult to get a direct flight. The time change works in your benefit when heading that way (we left on Wednesday morning) but is troublesome when coming home (Friday… all. day. friday) 

I really can’t talk about the work aspects (don’t worry, many hours of work were logged on this trip too). But here are some of the photos I snapped along the way:

IMG 4815

Layover in Denver – Water Bottle fill station installed next to the water fountains. No more tipping and spilling and only partly filling! (San Diego Airport had them too)

IMG 4818IMG 4820

Flying over the Rockies (beautiful!) and I’m fairly certain that large lake in the 2nd picture is Nederland.

IMG 4824IMG 4821

Hotel pretty close to downtown, but the view from the 9th floor hotel room was nothing fancy. The San Diego weather was really chilly (in the 50’s-60’s) and evidently rain jacks up the traffic like nobody’s business.

Wednesday night we ate dinner in the hotel bar while watching the STL Cardinals win the NLDS. (no pictures)

IMG 4825IMG 4826

Early morning Workout. Since my body was still on central time, and woke up at 3am…then 4am… at 5am I rolled out of bed and headed to the basement for a sweaty workout. My knee was sore so it was a lot of biking, ab, and PT work.  (Kisses were for the early morning text to hubs….and proof that I was putting in work)

IMG 4830IMG 4833

Dinner on Thursday night with a gorgeous view and fresh seafood.

IMG 4834IMG 4803

Home…and getting lots and lots of puppy snuggles.


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