PR and return of the migraines

Today started out pretty fantastic.

Since I couldn’t participate in the WOD yesterday (getting a massage) and I couldn’t to today’s WOD (lots of banned movements for someone recovering from ACL reconstruction) … I decided to do Friday nights WOD on my own.

During warm up, I did my usual trip of lunges up and down the gym with my stick for balance. Squats are coming along nicely. I can get fairly deep (just at 90° without holding on to anything).

I also had a little fun on the rings and worked on pull-ups. I’ve decided I need to downgrade myself to a lighter band. I know I can do 4-5 pull-ups with no band… So my warmup should progress too.

As for the WOD… It was practically meant for me. Row 2,000m for time. And 3 sets of GHD.

I set a row PR. 2,000 meters in 9:00:02. I was hoping for sub-9 but it just wasn’t in the cards. Still a PR. and with a knee that’s less than 100% even.

GHD were no biggie. I added a 10# wall ball just for fun.

Although, I’m beginning to wonder if the GHD sit-ups were the demise of the rest of my day (that and not eating a real meal until 5pm due to lack of good food in the house).

Around noon, I felt the aura stages of a migraine coming on. I decided to lay for 15minutes. It seemed to help. But then at 1pm my migraine hit with full force. I was light sensitive, nauseous, dizzy, unable to think. It hurt. Bad. For about an hour. And then another hour. I was starting to freak out a little and Gregg helped calm me down. Ice cold rags for my eyes and neck. I dozed a few times, G refreshed my towels.

I couldn’t see daylight until almost 5pm. And for the rest of the night I suffered a terrible “migraine hangover”. The best way to describe it is as if the inside of my brain is bruised. I can’t make any sudden movements, laugh, cough, or bend over without my head feeling like it will explode.

So, suffice it to say… Not a very exciting Saturday for me. But I am very grateful that I have loving pups and hubs to take care of me.




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