Weekend Play by Play

Fall weekends are the best. 

I love sleeping with the windows open, the chill in the house overnight, waking up snuggled deep in a light blanket. Then the day time air feels crisp (not humid) and the sun shines a beautiful shade (rather than beating you down).

Friday night, I enjoyed some ‘me’ time at the gym. The 5pm and 6pm classes were all over the box and I usually try to stay out of their way. So I decided to stick my happy rear on the rower…and row a 5k. I averaged slightly over 2:35 mins per 500m and wrapped it up in 26 minutes. Friday evening Gregg and I watched a few NetFlix/Hulu shows… another bonus of fall… all the TV shows come back! Although with Hulu we usually don’t get the shows until a day or two after they air on the major networks…but so far, the switch has definitely been worth it!

We went to bed super early on Friday, and I slept in until 8am. I got 10 hours of sleep…and it was glorious. Gregg and I had a very productive day around the house (him outside with the yard, me inside). A thunderstorm was supposed to roll in and we also had baseball tickets to the Cards-Cubs evening game. The tickets were a generous ‘appreciation award’ from my employer. My boss told me the game was at 7:15 and I just took her word for it. 

Around 4:15, I noticed friends on my facebook newsfeed were tagging themselves at the stadium. I pulled the tickets out of the envelope and saw 6:15 game time! Okay, no biggie, we whipped up a quick & healthy dinner (salmon, broccoli, sweet potatoes) so that we didn’t gorge on ballpark food. Around 5:15, I saw more Facebook posts… and after checking a few other news feeds, realized they had moved the game up to start at 3:15 due to the inclement weather! It was bottom of the 6th!!!


Gregg and I were both pretty excited to go to a game, especially Cards-Cubs. But alas, it just wasn’t in our cards (no pun intended) for the evening. 

Since we ate dinner so early, we decided to rent a Movie and get some Ted Drewes. We rented “Now You See Me”…it was about four magicians pulling off big heists. Sort of had an Oceans’ Eleven vibe. I enjoyed it…but not as much as I enjoyed the frozen custard from Drewes!!  Nom. 

This, Sunday, morning… we resumed our brunch tradition. Gregg worked the past several Sundays so we haven’t been able to make our little favorite brunch spot in many weeks. He got up super early to meet a friend at the track and I slept in. I rolled out of bed at 8am (two days in a row of sleeping in!) and got ready for the day.

We sat on the patio and enjoyed our Turkish Coffee, homemade gyro omelet, and breakfast sandwich. After brunch we headed to open gym. I worked on some PT (more squats & lunges), ring work (skin the cat), and programmed a little WOD for myself.

My squats are getting much better, although, I still hold on to something when going deep. As for the lunges, I keep a (broom)stick with me as I travel the gym. This is both for balance and to remind myself that I am not ‘ok’. Lunges with the weight on my right knee (left/bad knee to the ground) are actually much more difficult. I think it’s a flexibility issue. My hips and quads are always pretty tight. I’m able to do a few lunges without the stick but I tipping over is a valid concern.

My ring work has gotten noticeably better. One of the trainers said it was “virtuous”. I’m pretty happy about that.

My WOD was 4 rounds for time: 400m Row, 7 pull ups, 7 rope pulls, 14 weighted sit ups. It took me 20mins and some change. The rope gave me a little blister but over all I felt really good. Gregg also showed me some variations for my sit ups… slow it WAAAAAYYY down to toughen it up.

The rest of our Sunday was pretty low key errands in the Jeep. (Costco, Red Wing Shoe store, Schnucks). Then we headed to a local “Art in the Park” festival. Over the years it has been fun to watch the festival get bigger and better. And since it’s in our neighborhood we always see people we know and try food from local diners. 

Tonight, Gregg and his friend are studying for the Fire Dept Captains exam (round 2 is next week!) and then we will probably light up the backyard fire pit.

Not many pictures to spruce up this post… so enjoy this little mental gem.


Screen Shot 2013 09 29 at 6 33 33 PM



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