Post-Surgery: Three Months

Editors Note: I typed this blog post on Sunday, Aug 22. Evidently I forgot to publish.


I am half-way there!!


I feel like I am about 70% recovered (physically) but only 50% of the way through the recovery period. I’m entering dangerous territory. Most ACL re-injuries occur during the fourth month (or so) when the patient feels 100% but the graft has not fully fused.

The appointment with Dr. Wright, orthopedic surgeon, on Tuesday went very well. He congratulated me on my progress. He admitted that he was a little worried during my last check up but I’ve come a long way. Virtually no swelling and full Rang of Motion has been recovered.

IMG 4689

Knee rehab is a lot like riding a roller coaster. There are some pretty big ups and some scary downs. You can’t let the ‘downs’ get into your head.


So, what does 70% look and feel like?

  • Well, I’m able to row at CrossFit with both feet. No more skate board! I don’t have the explosive power that I need, but that will come. I’ve also made it to the box four times this week!
IMG 4701
  • Full straightening (weight bearing or not) is still a struggle and at times pretty painful. If I ease my way into it, it’s alright. But if I just go to lock it out… no bueno.
  • I’ve worn wedges (shoes) once. It left me rather sore the next day.
  • I still hold on to the railing on the stairs, but sometimes I think that’s more out of habit at this point.
  • I’m no longer going to physical therapy… and I don’t go see the doc until mid-December. Between now and then, I’m supposed to start jogging and doing other cardiovascular activities. (This instills quite a bit of fear in me. It is time I start to trust my knee, and that is much easier said than done.)
  • Working on the scar tissue… scar massage as well. Trying to bust up the build up on the side. Due to some oddities in the nerve regeneration, I can touch in one spot and feel it halfway down my leg on the other side. I hear from others this is sorta normal.
  • Quad strength is slowly coming back. Seeing some slight definition in my left thigh… but it is still much smaller than my right.
 IMG 4704
Following the M.O.O.N. ACL Rehab Guidelines, I am in Phase 3. I am a little behind the curve on the timing, but considering I had the meniscus repair in addition to the ACL reconstruction, I am not concerned. 
Screen Shot 2013 09 22 at 2 29 01 PM

Today, I went for my first long walk. I covered 1.5miles in 36 minutes. That is not very quick at all. But I kept a nice steady pace… paying special attention to my form. Make sure my heel strikes first, straighten all the way, and push off the toes. Steady gait, no limping or favoring.

IMG 4700IMG 4698

It was a beautiful day in the park, and the rest of my body wanted to stay out longer. I listened to my knee and decided not to push it. I still had to go to Target and do housework. No need setting myself back.

I’m going to set a goal to try to get 5,000 steps every day this week. My FitBit will help me keep track! Once I can cover those steps without pain I will start to introduce jogging. I’m so scared to start jogging…but I must fight through it.

IMG 4702

 IMG 4703


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