GHD on Friday, Sore on Sunday

It’s the truth.

Friday after work, I went to CrossFit 314 for a little workout. The prescribed WOD was a lot of technical skill work focused on Olympic lifting, specifically the Snatch. I really need work on my snatch…it very well may be the most complicated lift. However, since I’m not allowing myself to even touch a barbell until Christmas… I observed the class from the rower. Over the past few weeks I’ve graduated to rowing with both feet (no longer using the skateboard!). This feels like a major accomplishment.

I’ve been gradually increasing my time, distance, and speed. 

Friday I rowed 2,000m in 11:19. [Sunday I rowed 3,000m in 16:16.] But back to Friday… 

After only 11 minutes in the saddle, I felt I needed a bit more. So I looked up Korwod #12. I decided to modify it a bit:

2 Rounds:

1 minute plank

10 weighted GHD sit-ups (10lb wall ball)

1 minute plank ups

15 abmat sit ups

1 minute plank

10 weighted GHD sit-ups (10lb wall ball)

Since my ACL injury, I’ve been doing a lot of core work. And GHD’s are about the only thing that leave me sore. Problem is…I’m not really sore until 24-36hrs later. And at that time… Holy Moly, I can’t move. Heaven help me if I laugh, sneeze, or need to sit up in bed. Good grief. My abs are smoked!

Other fun things that happened this weekend:

IMG 4671

Tucker found a great snuggle spot on the unmade bed. Mounds of blankets, sheets, and clothes seems to be prime puppy real estate.

IMG 0007

Booked a last minute beach vacation!!

Screen Shot 2013 09 15 at 9 19 34 PM


Received my replacement FitBit (note to self: do not wear in bra sweat & fitbit don’t get along)

IMG 4673

Screen Shot 2013 09 15 at 9 12 25 PM



IMG 4679     IMG 4677

There may have been more photo ops than croquet playing.

IMG 4685

Yet another attempt at zucchini brownies.  And yet another failed batch.

IMG 4687


Gregg and I debate the appropriate application of the oxford comma.

Tomorrow, I go back to the ortho-surgeon for 12 week check up on the knee!!! I will give a full report at that time.

IMG 4669



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