Pike’s Peak and BBQ

Labor Day weekend, ironically the weekend in which few of us labor…

We are spending ours in Colorado! G is up in the mountains on a multi-day backpacking adventure. I am spending much needed and long awaited quality time with my parents.

Blogging from my ipad is convenient, but not terribly easy when it comes to uploading all the cool photos. So I’ll just put up a few teasers from yesterday.


We took the cog train to the top of Pikes Peak. It was about a two hour drive from house to Manitou Springs (train station) and then a one hour ride from 6,000′ elevation to over 14,000′.


We only had 30 minutes or so at the top. We were the last train and a storm was rolling in. But the view was amazing.




On our way home we stopped at Rudy’s. it was a gas station/BBQ joint…. Texas style. Super yummy…and their sign cracked me up!


Today we are off to introduce me to ikea ….and then get our nails done.


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