Where, oh Where, does the weekend go?

Friday afternoon we had a work happy hour to celebrate the (near) conclusion of LRBP. Upon arriving home, I found two packages for me. First of all, I love shopping online…. Second of all, I love new workout gear! This was the highlight of my day.

IMG 4414

Oh, and I also wore my new shoes… I’m in love.


IMG 4415

Saturday morning we slept in and headed to the 9am session at 314. The WOD “The Chief” is one of Gregg’s favorites and he knocked it out of the park!  (24+ Rounds!!!)

Since squats and cleans are still on the “no-no” list for me… I programmed a little WOD for myself. I’ve found that it really helps if I’m “working” while the rest of the group is “working”. So I tried to mimic their timeline. I must say, I’m getting quite proud of my abilities to program WODs for myself!

IMG 4454

After a great sweat session, we spent a few hours by the pool. It’s hard to believe that summer is almost over!

IMG 4427IMG 4428

Finally, we capped the night off with dinner & a movie. Gyros (surprise, surprise) and “Olympus has Fallen”. The movie was definitely a “shoot ’em up” but good. I would highly recommend it.

 Sunday, we held on to the tradition of going to our favorite little brunch spot. Lately, we’ve been loving some Turkish Coffee. Today I tried the Frappe. Also delicious. We opted out of spending two hours at open gym (we were both a little sore) and had things to scratch off of the To Do list! 

Finally, after a very busy day, we ended the evening with a trip to Ted Drewes. A little bit of frozen custard. Open Jeep. And a puppy parade!


IMG 4451


IMG 4453


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