A pretty cool week

So far, this summer has been atypically cool in the STL. High’s in the 70’s/80’s lows in the 50’s. It feels very much like fall rather than mid-August this week! And while I love the cooler weather, I feel like I’m getting cheated out of a summer (pool side lounging, reading, sleeping, swimming has all been lacking).

What is wonderful, we haven’t had the A/C on for almost a week. My electric bill will thank me. 

This last week has been rather mundane for myself, but it’s been rather momentous for my dear hubby. He took a very important test on Tuesday. He has been studying for many months and I’m quite proud of his dedication. In a few more months he will take “part 2” of the exam… so studying must resume, but for a few days he stepped away from the books.

He worked very hard to “reclaim” the house & yard. With my surgery and his studies we have been doing the bare minimum to keep the house a float. It’s wonderful having a nice clean house again. It does make a world of difference… the house just feels more peaceful when it’s not cluttered and when things are in their proper place.

Work is starting to slow down for me. And I’m feeling a bit better each day, so I too have had time to refocus on trying to establish a somewhat “back to normal” routine. Going to the gym, meal planning, and grocery shopping. Thrilling, I know.

Physical Therapy  (Tuesday) was killer. We’re adding a bunch of new advanced moves. By the end of my 75 minutes of exercise, once the ice pack was placed on my knee… all the ice melted in seconds. Progressing to standing lunges and one legged squats (with balance support). I’m starting to get nervous realizing I only have a few more weeks of PT…but several months until I’m fully healed.

Screen Shot 2013 08 18 at 5 11 59 PM

On Wednesday, I was much too sore from PT to attempt a workout. So instead, we grilled our dinner. Steak & Wine. Not a typical Wednesday night, but it was wonderful mini-celebration for the both of us. Gregg’s exam and my near completion of LRBP.

However, I did make it to 314 on Thursday. It was a WOD that was easily modified. The class was packed and I got to see several of my friends. I’ve missed them so much. It felt good to get the endorphin rush. And I’m very grateful for the considerate trainers that let me hop in a class and talk through the modifications with me.

Screen Shot 2013 08 18 at 5 15 23 PMScreen Shot 2013 08 18 at 5 15 38 PM


Friday night was low key with the hubs. We got our traditional gyros and watched some Netflix.

Saturday I ran some errands… went shopping at Nordstroms. Although I tried on approximately $500 worth of clothes, I only bought one pair of shoes. Funny how when you have “free money” (aka: gift cards) you can’t find anything to buy!  Then it was time to celebrate the 30th birthday of a friend from 314. She rented out a bar and had a DJ. I tried to dance, one song, and I knew I was done. Sadly, the knee is not ready for me to shake my groove thang.

Screen Shot 2013 08 18 at 7 49 33 PM

Today, Sunday, has been a wonderful day. Brunch with the in-laws (celebrating a belated birthday for hubby), a little shopping, a nap, and homemade paleo dinner with friends. Perhaps, we’ll cap it off with a little drewes….

Overall, a pretty cool week!

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