Post-Surgery: Seven Weeks

It’s nearly been seven weeks since my ACL reconstruction and meniscus repair. Hitting the six week mark felt like a major milestone. I’m able to do so much more than I used to…but I still am not quite 100%.

IMG 4363IMG 4361IMG 4364

I’ve been hitting up the gym a couple times a week in addition to visiting ProRehab once a week. Staying diligent on my “homework” has been tough, but I know I need to stay focused.

In terms of recovery, here’s what seven weeks looks like for me:

  • Most of the swelling has subsided with a little “thickness” still right around the knee area
  • Thigh muscles are starting to make an appearance during leg lifts & (mini) squats
  • Popping occurs on a regular basis. Which can be scary since at time of injury there was a HUGE pop. But the ortho assures me that this is just inflammation and a fat sack that will eventually calm down
  • Sometimes the knee feels “out of place” until it pops
  • Pain on the front of the knee cap when trying to work on my bending
  • Hamstring strength is pretty weak. Using gravity I have great range of motion, using my muscles “eh, not so much”

During open gym today I worked on rowing. Set a new record for myself – Row 2,000m (single legged) in 10:36. I also focused on some skill work (skin the cat) and PT time. To top it off, while waiting for Gregg to wrap up, I did 5 mins of core work.

IMG 4377

Having Fun on the Rings (Skin the Cat Skill Work)

Last week was Gregg’s birthday… we didn’t do much to celebrate because he has been studying non-stop for an exam at work. If there is a spare moment in our evening we read flash cards…. Over dinner, over brunch, while showering, … it never ends. He is so very dedicated and I am always inspired by is persistence. All that being said, I look forward to the day after the exam when we can both relax a little.

IMG 4375


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