Back in the Box

It’s been almost seven weeks since I’ve worked out. Although I’ve been back to the gym on Sundays and did a little rowing, push-up, sit-up action…. I was on my own with no time constraint.

Tonight I decided it was time to hit up the 5pm class at CrossFit 314.

The WOD:
100 pull ups for time
*30 DU every time your hands leave the bar

Obviously there was no jumping rope for me tonight so I decided to do sit ups instead. I also decided I would work for 10:00 mins and call it. No matter how many I had.

So, I grabbed the red + purple bands to scale… Chalked up my hands and got ready to rock and roll.


Bang out 10 pull-ups easy. Decide to break for sit ups. Another 10 pull ups… Still pretty easy. Break for sit ups. The next round I had to stop at 5, hang for a minute, then eek out one more. Uh-oh.

I ended up breaking 5 after that.

In 10mins I got 59 pull ups and 70 sit-ups.

I was a bit disappointed with my performance but decided to cut myself some slack considering I’ve been out of the box since late June.

Cash out was max consecutive push-up. I got 15. Failed on 16. Strict push-ups. The last 5 on one leg bc my knee was aching.

In between all this I rowed here and there (probably four sets of 400m).

I’ll be sore tomorrow. But it will be a great feeling!

Oh and as for my hands…. It took about one month to loose all my calluses. And one night to get a new tear. Boom.



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