Post-Surgery: Five Weeks

Welp, it’s been five weeks (plus a few days) since my ACL reconstruction, meniscus repair.  I go back to the doctor at the six week mark… so we’ll see what he says at that time. I hope it’s a better visit than the one I had at two weeks post-op.

IMG 4313

Swelling is significantly reduced (no more bruises)

According to my therapist, I’m doing well and progressing right on track. We’ve been adding new exercises each week. I’m actually a little sad that my PT visits now drop down to once a week… just as we started adding exercises that I can’t do at home.

IMG 4314

Almost flat!

Last week we added some treadmill work, in order to work on my gait. Plus some other exercises like standing toe raises and single leg stands.

IMG 4315

Scar is healing up!

This week we really kicked it up a notch by adding weighted leg press, ab/aducter (standing), step ups, and wobble board.

Tuesday night’s PT session was almost two hours long. Immediately following I had a little endorphin rush. An hour later I was exhausted. And the next day… so, so, so very swollen!

On Sunday, I went to CrossFit Open Gym. I played around on the rower. Did a few pull ups, push ups, sit ups, ring dips. And capped it off with my PT work while Gregg finished his workout. It feels so good to have more energy in my day. I tried to get PT approval prior to rowing… she didn’t quite understand so we took this quick video. Pretty clever if you ask me!

I also went to the pool on Sunday! Did some water walking. It was strangely chilly (for late July) but I didn’t care. The sun felt so good.

IMG 4288

Going to the grocery store this week was another big accomplishment for me. So my fridge is full of delicious fruit, veggies, and what not. Time to turn my eating back around! Clean it up!

By the way, I have this cool app on my phone “Timehop”. It shows me posts from all social media outlets posted “on this day” 1 year, 2 year, 3 years, etc…. Five Years ago, Bella joined out pack. My how time flies! Here she is, the day we brought her home, this past weekend, and a hike last fall.

IMG 4279


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