Post – Surgery: One Month

Well, it’s been one month since my surgery (Jun 25th to Jul 25th). They say another two months before I really feel like myself (late September). Another month and I think i’m all healed, but at highest risk for re-injury (late October). And then Finally… two more months later I can resume everything I did before surgery  (bringing in the new year!)

When I lay the timeline out like that, I quickly become discouraged and anxious. But it also helps keep things in perspective for me.

ACL surgery is a major surgery. A fact that I took for granted a few weeks ago.

To the eye, there’s not much changing with my knee on the day-to-day progress. On the inside though, I have made huge leaps!

I’m now able to bike 2 miles for my warm up (10 mins) with no issues. I’ve added weights to some of the prone hang/heel prop exercises. And I’m really working hard on getting my gait back to normal (treadmill walking – forward/backward).

The range of motion measurement hasn’t come as far as I’d hoped… Currently I can bend to 122* (with Molly’s help). I would certainly like to be further and know I need to push my at-home exercises more.

I have good days and I have bad days. Keeping my head on straight and focusing on the positive has kept the forward momentum.

I’m also hoping that I feel well enough on Sunday to head to Open Gym at CrossFit 314. I’m finally feeling strong enough to attempt some sort of physical activity (rowing w/o my leg, sit ups, few pushups)


IMG 4230IMG 4231

July 14th – steri-strips still hanging on…. Extension not so great

IMG 4237

July 18th: I got sick of steri-strips and peeled them all off. (they were supposed to last 7-10 days. I gave them 13). That’s not bruising, just gunk that got stuck in the glue. Crazy nurse probably used Crazy Glue!

IMG 4252IMG 4249

July 20th: foot race down the wall… and bruising is almost gone

IMG 4269

July 25th: incisions/scars are healing up nicely… who knows where i’m leaving my trail of scabs. it’s still pretty swollen and lacking definition. although molly said she saw a little in my quads during “mini squats” at PT tonight.


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